SILENCE! #112-A: Darren Cullen

September 1st, 2014

Well now, here’s a thing. This week’s SILENCE! will be a little late so here’s a special treat to tide you over. What you have here is a chat between me, Gary Lactus and Darren Cullen. He does things which are very good. I suppose I could give you a bit of an explanation of what he does but this is the internet so I can just tell you to go to which makes things a lot easier. He has a new comic out called Below and it’s a right bloody laugh. Go and buy it.

Click to download SILENCE!#112-A: Darren Cullen

2 Responses to “SILENCE! #112-A: Darren Cullen”

  1. Thrills Says:

    Darren Cullen’s stuff sure is good, and did indeed make me laugh. In fact, I’m increasingly finding I can only engage fully with art that makes me laugh, and it’s great to see comics stuff that’s actually funny, and not just 3 sequential Tumblr drawings of someone with animé hair saying it’s okay to be yourself, with a lopsided smuggo Dreamworks grin.

    Oh dear.

    Gonnae order myself ‘Join the Army’ once my finances settle down. It looks like a treat!

  2. Matthew Craig Says:

    Great interchop, G-Lac. I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot about that particular School of Art in recent weeks. Darren’s comics and associated arts is mighty. The A-Team one is an obvious favourite, in the Look-In! mold.

    I find myself both appreciative and a little jealous of comicos who employ unusual formats and, to me, exotic print formats. James Nash with his skyscraper-format diary comics, Stuart Kolakovic and his record-sleeve covers. Thought Bubble is great for that, if a little jel-making.

    My comics have been print and bound by the same people for ten years now – always A5, always laser-printed, sometimes auto-collated, sometimes not. It’s a bare bones, no frills style that suits my, how shall I put this, “efficient” art style. But the few times I’ve been lucky enough to use a more trad-comics printer, I’ve really enjoyed the thicker paper, the raised ink lines (Daredevil-friendly comics!), and of course the delicious benzene honk of the fancy inks.

    I’m dying to try something in the Commando format – pulpy paper, painted covers and all – but how the Hulk I would go about organising that, let alone paying for it!!*, I don’t know.

    Great interview though, chaps. Got me to Wolverhampton intact.


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