Interblog circle jerk II

October 19th, 2008

The Second Cumming, a followthrough on our interview here, stands erect upon the interspheres. Please head over to Andrew Hickey’s for it, i) to read, and ii) as I believe his notion is to expand a bit in the comments section. I’ll be there – I love it under the posts! You rascals.

Hello, Mindless reader – today we begin what will hopefully be a series of interviews with our peers in what some like to call ‘the comics blogosphere’. We begin with the excellent one-time Countdown blogger (said focus didn’t last long, fear not) Andrew Hickey, who now posts his everything at the plenarily, and accurately, entitled Thoughts on music, science, politics and comics. Mostly comics. You should read it, he write good. Onward, then!

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