March 20th, 2017

His time has come! A fury of man and metal known to mortals as Spare 5 joins the Reviewninuats Bobsy and Gary Van Lactus for more of the old usual (sid james wink and a sid james cackle) comic reviews and ‘e ain’t even jolly well red em! Don’t matter though does it listener? Strap on dear listeners as CIA batman, Amazing Spiderman, USAVENGA Boys, sorry USAvengers, Coady and the Creepies, Daredevil, All-Star Batman, Wildstorm, American Gods, Poe Dameron, Casanova, Head Lopper and God Country are all dissected for the pleasure of no one.

Also Spare 5 done seen a film, Get Out yeah and and and Gary done a song about Brighton public transport AND AND AND Bobsy paps the Dave’s Comics crew!

It all ends with High Fives and hungry Gary and no dinner for Spare 5.


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