May 17th, 2017


DID YOU KNOW there’s a word in German for the weight gained whilst overeating because of emotional distress? Amazing!
DID YOU KNOW there’s a German word for the witty come backs you think of later? Yeah, it’s true!
DID YOU KNOW the Germans have a word to describe the a longing for far off places? Our German cousins, eh?
DID YOU KNOW that in Germany they have a word for the conversations English speakers have about how Germans have words that describe really specific things?
DID YOU KNOW sharks can smell London from space?

<ITEM> It’s SILENCE! #225 with Gary Lactus, The Beast Must Die and special robot guest Spare 5.

<ITEM> We pay tribute to artist Edmund Bagwell.

<ITEM> Lots of film and TV chat including Alien Colon Covenant, the Blair Witch remake, The Void, Iron Fist, and there’s some Highlander and Judge Dredd fantasy elevator pitches.

<ITEM> we are hanging out on the new SILENCE! Facebook group

<ITEM> We enter the Reviewniverse where we find Bug The Adventures of Forager, Doom Patrol, Rocket, World War Tank Girl, Shade The Changing Girl, and John Smith’s Tyranny Rex text piece from the 2000AD Annual 1991

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Edmund Bagwell
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Bug The Adventures of Forager, Doom Patrol, Rocket, World War Tank Girl, Shade The Changing Girl, John Smith’s Tyranny Rex piece from 2000AD annual 1991

6 Responses to “SILENCE! #225”

  1. Billing Says:

    The Music of Erich Zann is great and he actually does explain whats going on to the protagonist but he doesn’t know enough French and so writes it in German for over an hour with pages and pages of writing that the other guy cant read and hopes to translate but it all flies away at the end into the empty void where there’s nothing but sound and Znn doesn’t just disappear its the whole neighborhood that’s gone and afterwards the main character cant find anyone that’s ever heard of it or find it on any map

  2. Jonathan Dick Says:

    Spare 5 is correct about The Void. It was crowdfunded on Indiegogo. I don’t know how much they got, but I would be shocked if they got over $5 million. Probably $1-2 milliman I did enjoy The Void. It was no From Beyond, but it was creepy and gross. That monster at the end was no joke. I felt like its music was a bit lacking. No real atmosphere created with the soundtrack. I was also happy to hear that Spare 5 is one of the 20 other people who played the Call of Cthulu game. The part where the fish men are chasing you and you have to lock the doors as you run confounded me for a long time. It is my monkey’s paw wish for Al Ewing to do a Fantastic Four comic, but I know he will end up saddled with Mike Deodato or someone similarly awful drawing it. The dream would be Ewing and Chris Samnee just rocking out on FF. Who knows? Maybe it will happen as a part of this Marvel soft reboot that seems to be in the pipe. I dearly love Cosmic Odyssey and probably my favorite part is Batman decking Orion in the face after Bug’s death. Gary is no longer a certified comics man until he gives Cosmic Odyssey a re-read, so GET CRACKING.

  3. Gary Lactus Says:

    Based on the treatment Al Ewing (what’re you doing?) gave his FF analogue in Zombo I’d say he may not be up for that job.

  4. Jonathan Dick Says:

    When The Beast Must Die mentions that Ridley Scott has really only made two good movies, he means GI Jane and Gladiator, right?

  5. Tam Says:

    Who can forget ‘A good year’, Scott’s ‘Year in Provence’ adaptation?
    Although to be fair I thought Black Hawk Down is probably the best take on the realities of 21st century warfare (although it was set in the 90s) and The Martian is brilliant for being educational about science AND entertaining, something that’s depressingly rare in modern cinema

  6. Spare 5 Says:

    It occurred to me after that Scott is definitely trying to smash the themes from Blade Runner into this new film.
    Running from the fishmen is one of the best bits in a game ever. Tense A.F. It sadly declines after that though.

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