December 20th, 2016



It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. The goose is on the ground, the snow is getting fat. Welcome to the none-more-festive edition of SILENCE! This is it folks, the culmination of 100′s of hours of work – choreographers, lighting, a full orchestra, special guest stars, yule logs burning on open fires, christmas fucking jumpers…absolutely NONE of this will appear on this SILENCE! Christmas Special!! What you will get is Gary Lactus, too ill to podcast and lying on the sofa, beloved Bobsy representing in full effect and The Beast Must Die holding it all together like some hirsute Michael Parkinson. We can’t promise you eggnog, but we can promise a hot pocket full of comics chat to warm your jingle bells in this most wonderful time of the year. Strap in, strap on and prepare for docking!

<ITEM> Blimey, look what happens when the sturdy hand of the Space God is off the tiller…shambolic admin on an unimaginable level, barely remembered Sponsorship, plus our lewdest opening banter ever. Blame that pottymouthed club comedian Bobsy!

<ITEM> In a spurious nod towards our festive theme, there’s some chat about festive movies including Krampus and Scrooged. Plus the mysteries of Karen Black, Karen Allen and Margot Kidder

<ITEM> SILENCE! (Because The Film Has Started) features chat of little known B-movies Star Wars: Rogue One

<ITEM> Lo! The Reviewniverse. There’s some hefty chat about the penultimate episode of Alan Moore’s late-stage masterpiece Providence. Then the Young Animal books Doom Patrol and Shade The Changing Girl are discussed at some length. Bobsy rounds up his Thought Bubble 2016 top picks and there’s a bit of chat about Rick Veitch. Christmassy as all heck right!?

<ITEM> Lazarus-like, Gary returns with a festive kiss off, and some Christmas cheer is finally raised.

Now go forth and unwrap!

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8 Responses to “SILENCE! #206”

  1. PapoCrapo Says:

    I thought Star Wars was a complete misfire. The characters were forgettable, the CGI actors were horrifying, and the cameos were gratuitous and nonsensical. The whole time I kept waiting for Darth Vader to show up and when he finally did he had about 4 minutes of screentime in a poorly fit costume. Honestly I thought it was the worst Star Wars movie I’ve ever seen. I’m really starting to miss the prequels.

  2. Brendan Says:

    The cat on Burroughs’s chest made me think of sleep paralysis. Many people describe having a demonic cat or other evil presence surpressing their breathing during sleep paralysis. Others describe dimensional travel and other Lovecraftian horrors happening during.

  3. Tam Says:

    Good point about the crisis of orange fruits convergence, as someone who’s spent the last week fruitlessly (ha!) trying to find anywhere selling a rubber duck I feel similarly disillusioned with the modern world

    A great cult Christmas film (i.e. one not enough people have heard of) is The Ice Harvest, a great black comedy with a fantastic cast. The director is massively influenced by the Coen brothers (although not quite a talented) but it’s a very enteretaining film

  4. Illogical Volume Says:

    Bobsy – bit rude to say you can’t remember the guy you got Escape from Coatbridge from given that you got it from me, ya fud!

    Glad you enjoyed it all the same. I had a good time with it but it didn’t feel like something I needed to hold on to so I set it free in the world.

    Lovely episode lads. Very Christmas, right down to the pervasive background sickness.

    You also succeeded in making me feel churlish for sharing my (correct) opinions on the new Doom Patrol with the world a while back. My issue is personal/generational and thus only partial, because I can’t help but see the way it works so carefully and cleverly to update the approach of the Morrison/Case run.

    So, for example, you’ve got those little asides with the chief that echo the fragments of future stories that were scattered throughout the Morrison/Case issues, but they’re presented in a more modern, comics historical mode, in the language of strip comics. A perfect update there, all the more so for the way the linework recasts McCarthy/Case/Morrison character designs in the… fuck it, let’s go obvious and call it the Flex Mentallo/Seaguy hybrid mold.

    Your discussion was enough to remind me that there’s more going on there beyond the stuff that’s designed to appeal to me, so thanks for that. I’m definitely not representative of the YA audience – let’s hope a “YA” audience exists that is similarly beyond my scope to influence or comprehend.

    Top Providence chat as always.

    Really good to hear Douglas Noble getting a shout out. Dan’s on the money about his design sense – individual images are often cryptic or intriguing or occasionally just plain frustrating, but the page design is undeniable and whole.

  5. Adam Says:

    Would it be Christmas without Bobsy on Providence? NO IT WOULD NOT.

    My mince pie take: homemade because homemade mince pies always have a much better balance of pastry to mincemeat (there should be more pastry). That’s the only rule.

  6. Adam Says:

    Epic fail on Coatbridge

  7. bobsy Says:

    Sorry Dave… Tell Coatbridge I love her

  8. brqpbzc Says:

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