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Who loves you, and who do you love? SILENCE! that’s who. SILENCE! loves you like a pig loves lemonade. What do you mean pigs don’t love lemonade? What the eff do you even know about pigs anyway? I tell you, if you go to a shop and ask it to pick out a can of fizzy pop, it won’t pick out Cola, it won’t pick out Ginger Beer and it sure as sh*t won’t pick out got-tamned Cherryade! Whuddya even know ’bout pigs…come round here tellin’ ME about pigs willya??

So, like a pig loves lemonade, SILENCE! loves you. And what more could you want from a comics podcast hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

<ITEM> Who’s that I hear outside, scratching to get in? Why it’s only special guest presenter Clark Burscough, aka Clark T-Bubz! He joins The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus in their latest traipse around the 4-colour wastelands. And what a touch of class he brings!

<ITEM> Sponsorship, RAW, the Truth Behind Thought Bubble and Gary’s Vegan Adventure? It’s all here true believers!

<ITEM> A Reviewniverse three-way? You betcha! The boyzzz talk up Ben Marra’s Blades & Lazers, Tango & Cash, All New X-Men, DKIII: The Master Race, Star Wars: Chewbacca, Star Wars: Lando, Batman: Mitefall, New Avengers, Venture Bros, Batman: Brave & The Bold, Degrassi Junior High, Saved By The Bell and Ian Beale: Martian Manhunter…oh man, even I want to listen to it now and I’m just …. DISEMBODIED NARRATORBOT X-1575! HA HA HA HA AND YOU THOUGHT I WAS DEAD!!!

Ta ta!

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10 Responses to “SILENCE! #178”

  1. Tim B Says:

    With Mite-fall and the neck-bearded babymen who hate it when there’s any Batman that isn’t super-serious I refer them to the sine qua non of Very Serious Comics, Batman: The Killing Joke where Bat-mite and Ace the Bat-hound are clearly seen in the photo on the Bat-Desk.

    Prez was a cracking six parter, I’m pretty sure the second six parter is still going ahead even after the most recent DC retrenchment. The decision for Vertigo to no longer publish any DCU characters for fear of brand confusion damaged its chances I feel, given that the original Prez was revived in The Dream Weaver Laureate’s magnum opus. Shame we’re not going to get anything good and odd because some fucking babymen need 4 Batman comics.

    Clark T-Bubz was great, having listened to the C-Unit podcast and this one any chance of getting T-Bubz snr on?

  2. Tam Says:

    Hmm, must check out Mitefall. I’m always a bit wary of parodies of things that are too dreadful to merit parodying in the first place, (you usually end up with EVEN worse crap like scary movie) but obviously Kevin O Neil being involved changes everything. I am however far less convinced of the need to investigate Tango and Cash.

    Vertigo did a Prez one shot years ago by Ed Brubaker and some decent art by the often underrated Eric Shanower. It was pleasant enough in a ‘Jaded youths go on a road trip to find the real America, take lots of peyote to get spiritually enlightened, etc…’ kind of way.

    Mind you, writing about it does sort of make me want to reread it anyway. It probably makes a pretty good generation X time capsule in the same way as the first phase of Zenith does for the 1980s…

  3. Thrills Says:

    Micah Ian Wright was the writer on Stormwatch: Team Acchiles, which was a sort of militaristic take on the usual superchump stuff. It’s perfectly readable, though a bit annoying in its Millar/Ellis cynicism and dickhead characters. The fact Wright was lying about being an army ranger improves it, in my opinion. Gives it an amusing “Mike from Spaced writing soldier fanfic” edge.

    Due to the army lies, DC never published the final issue, which seems a bit like punishing the readers, really, but then comics dinnae care about the readers, those swines!

    Always hated Saved by the Bell and all those Engel productions but I have certainly still watched loads of episodes for whatever reason. The low point is “USA High”, the title sequence of which will make you want to commit murders.

    PS please help, I am trapped in the Wildstorm Universe

  4. Gary Lactus Says:

    Thrills, that USA High title sequence has just done some horrible damage to my brain. It won’t leave!

    Tim, I had thought about getting Pappa T Bubz on. It could be cool.

    Tam, not sure when I’ll get round to watching Tango and Cash. I somehow don’t feel the urgency.

  5. Thrills Says:



  6. John Bishop Says:

    Excellent guest star this episode! And another vote for T-Bubz snr.

    Glad to hear TBMD made it to Mitefall, another book I need to re-read now. And LOTDK was loads better when it wasn’t shoehorned into continuity. It was pretty annoying when they made that (and Shadow of the Bat) into just another piece of the Batman ongoing blah blah. I want more Viking Batman!

    Kids of Degrassi Street was the one I remembered vaguely from childhood, and early teens was Degrassi Junior High. Good shit! Also it was based (and partially shot I believe) on a real Degrassi Street in Canada. I’ll be youtubing that later, and probably enjoying it far less than I used to.

    I’m still on the fence with Marra. I think I like his stuff, but it also is incredibly close to the sort of work some of my school friends were doing, you know ‘non-ironically’. A similar vibe to Kung Fury if you’ve seen that- everything I want to see in a film, but it still feels not quite right. Although Night Business is a brilliant title.

    Tam, I think I have a spare Mitefall knocking about so will give you that at some point.

    Thanks for the brain poison, Thrills.

  7. Nate A. Says:

    Since we’re talking about TV as cultural exchange, I figured I’d share the following:

    All growing up and into adulthood, I had this weird memory of a TV show that couldn’t possibly exist. It was about a boy and a girl, siblings, who with the help of a talking severed head of latin origins went on adventures. I made a joke about this recently, and a friend did some Google magic. It turns out my memory was real. Apparently, it was a British production called “Chico the Rainmaker” that aired on public television in the early 1980′s. The kicker is that it’s actually more disturbing than I remembered:
    Happy nightmare baby!

  8. Thrills Says:

    Yikes! Feels like something that’s forced its way through from the Bad Universe.

  9. Tom Says:

    Being a slightly younger SILENCE! listener, my knowledge of Degrassi comes from a combination of knowing that Canadian feelings-abundant rapper Drake began his career as one of the teen stars of the show, and from the frankly bonkers ongoing parody of the series in underrated sketch comedy Kroll Show:

    Another good episode, I liked it.

  10. Reggie Slovick Says:

    A comics, TV and pop culture blog fanzine with added weirdness, broadcasting profanity from its gaping backchannel.

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