February 17th, 2016



Look you’re not geeting some fancy schmancy blurb this time okay?? Above, you can see the first two entries in the new game I have created and trademarked. It’s called ‘INSERT EDDIE’ and the point is to prove that inserting Iron Maiden’s Eddie into any album cover automatically improves it. Have a go, and post the entries somewhere I can see them. Winner gets a warm feeling in their undercrackers. Anyway. Here’s SILENCE!

<ITEM> It’s a Bobsy week! Joining The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus to talk enthusiastically, is..well Bobsy. I just said it was a Bobsy week. Really ballsed that one up didn’t I? Oh well. Expect opinions!

<ITEM> Some glorious admin, and discussion of the 2nd of our SILENCE!: The Prestige Format podcasts, available EXCLUSIVELY to our Patreon subscribonauts. Get involved why dontcha?

<ITEM> Bobsy reviews some farkin’ art doesn’t he? Jamie Hewlett’s Tarot designs get a mauling. Ooh I say!

<ITEM> After the usual technical mishaps, the boys enter the Reviewniverse. Discussed: Providence no.7, Deadpool, New Romancer, Vision,  a bunch of Marvel stuff I can’t remember, Batman & TMNT, The Saga of The Victims and no doubt a whole scunt more

<ITEM> Bobsy swears!

And like a crap thief in the night, tripping over a sleeping dog, waking the household, setting off the alarms and getting arrested, we’re out!

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9 Responses to “SILENCE! #176”

  1. Gary Lactus Says:

    Once again, I apologise on behalf of SILENCE! for the insensitive language employed by Bobsy at the end of this week’s episode. Both myself and The Beast Must Die love and respect all the Dear Listeners and would never refer to you as “The C**ts”. Disciplinary action is being undertaken. The screams are deafening and I can actually smell the blood from here in the next room.

  2. John Bishop Says:


    Of course I am, I love it.

    I saw those Hewlett pics online somewhere- I liked the tree ones, I thought the tarot ones were not his best, and didn’t like the porno garbage. Google the Lamouroux tarot one, there is a strange thing going on with hands. I fucking love Hewlett’s work, and I wish he could do comics forever, not make those prints that sell for loads of cash, although if I had the option, I would also do that.


  3. tam Says:

    That ‘The Saga of the victims’ story sounds like the most slapdash ever ‘Duck Amuck’ tribute.

    Don’t worry about the whole ‘c****’ thing, Bobsy is the greatest comedy sidekick a podcast could have have and we, The Listeners, wouldn’t want it any other way…

    And the Dave’s Comics special was really charming. It’d definitely be great to hear a similar one from the chaps at Gosh! Although when the manager said ‘Who buys comics from the previous week?’ when the correct, self-promoting answer clearly should have been ‘Why, people who’ve been listening to the reviews on Silence!’

  4. Gary Lactus Says:


  5. Thrills Says:

    That Hewlett exhibition sounds no good. I’m not keen on him unless it’s all hyper-detailed images you can look at for a while, see what terrible pre-Britpop band he’s into while he drew it and so forth. His Gorillaz-onwards stuff hasn’t appealed, too clean and mannered. A shame he didn’t take the opportunity to get really over-detailed with the tarot stuff.


    I blame Rufus Dayglo, somehow.


    You Silence! folk always make Providence sound completely fantastic, when I just find it ‘pretty good’. Your enthusiasm is rather infectious and I look forward to a fucking horrible reread of the thing once it’s all done.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever totally loved an Alan Moore comic, truth be told. I must have done, or else why do I own nearly everything easily available thing he’s done?

    No Liefeld of the Land this week? Oh well!

    I read this Niciezan cracker (with art by Capullo), and felt the need to share:

    yours sincerely,

    a c*£#

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    That is some powerful dialogue right there, thrills. Thanks for sharing. I really must try to read more Leifeld and Niciezian Superman.

  7. bobsy Says:

    Sorry for being rude about all you c-nuts last week btw.

  8. James Wheeler Says:

    Excellent “why is this kid talking about cars” face from Storm, there.

    Goodpod, goodBobProv chunt

  9. James Says:

    That was a good point about the humour in Providence 7. I wondered if issue 6 would be the series’ nadir, in Alan Moore Symmetry fashion, then immediately dismissed the idea because what horror story is structured like that? But even if things get worse for Robert personally, this sort of tonal shift might be a way to achieve it.

    (In 6 and 7 the issue’s Big Horror moment sort of crescendos on the centre pages – I haven’t gone back to the previous issues to check if that’s been true before.)

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