March 9th, 2015


Oh I just don’t know who my favourite superhero is! You can’t ask that, that’s the hardest question EVER! Okay, if you twisted my arm, like reeeeaaaallly twisted it, and I absolutely had to choose I’d say The Purple Raider. No wait, I’d say Big Lunch…no actually it’d be Spiral Scratch. Or The Ice Breaker. No, hold on The Black Ram. Or The Kite. Or the Jazzler. No okay I’ve changed my mind, it’s Size Queen. Or Rainbow Robo. Or Mr Blister. Mother Time. The Lord of Steam. Phase One. The Living Statue. Cyclobix. Brain-Glow. Blaze 46. Red Harvest. Man-Atee. Advance Guard. The Questeteer. Gilded Lily. Feather Blitz. Governor Zero. Crab-Walk. Mr AARGH. Dry Spot. Cloudbuster. Shocktopus. Pop N Lock. Jellyfish Kiss. The Flickering Flame. Thunder Water. Lazer Lion. Battering Boy. Gene Genie. Terry Titan. The Blender…


<ITEM> And as if by magic…SILENCE! Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die and you of course. You. The Dear Listening You.

<ITEM> Sponsorshenanigans. An Avengers: Age of Ultron exclusive! Plus, the varying hardness of erections?

<ITEM> The podcast is a cannon, the boys are the cannonball, comics are the gunpowder and the target is the Reviewniverse. BOOM! Nameless, Crossed 100, Big Man Plans, Nemo: River of Ghosts, Descender, Hawkeye, Wicked & Divine, Guardians Team Up, Uber, Miracleman and mmmmmuch mmmmmore.

Now is the winter of your discontent. So why not listen to the perfect accompaniment.

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15 Responses to “SILENCE! #134”

  1. bobsy Says:

    Have you read the indicia page on Nameless? ‘Copyright Supergods Incorporated’ or some ish #lol >cringe<

  2. Thrills Says:

    “Supergods Limited” it says. Urrrrgh. It’s correct, though. ‘Supergods’ is quite limited.

    I was well into Nameless, though. There’s some turdy bits such as “It’s like Exorcist meets Appolo 13!” and it’s pumped with cliché, but I like a space mystery and techno-organic ur-godz, and I love Burnham’s oily art.

    Since this podcast pointed out Burnham draws eyes like they’re stuck on, I can’t help seeing the characters as Warhammer figures, though, pupils dotted over the white undercoat on their faces.

    I’ve been slacking on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and haven’t picked it up since the Mountains ay Madness Nemo one. The Desperate Dan/ Cuchullain connection makes me think about putting that comic at the front of my ‘to buy’ list, but.

    I dig Crossed PlusHundo as well. Takes a while to get back ‘into’ the dialect each month, and they all seem to have the same voice (apart from a guy who stutters a bit), but I am enjoying the creeping dread, and the fact that Alan Moore has so far avoided featuring rape in a comic series that, as someone has said, I forget who, ‘is basically one big rape joke’.


    Oh, the age of Ultron clip at the start of the podcast has me hyperpsyched for the upcoming film. I can’t believe it was written by the same Joss Whedon that wrote all that hideous sassy Joss Whedon dialogue!

  3. tam Says:

    Nooo! Don’t jettison those early Silences! What about the songs? Previews of next weeks’ comics? Danny Beastman and Gary Laxenberg? All those superheroes leaving messages on your answerphone? The eager and unjaded reviewers? The internet will be a far poorer place without these things.

    Really enjoyed all the Moore talk this week which has motivated me to reread the whole Nemo trilogy. I’ve really enjoyed the way that each book has just appeared in Gosh! without any fanfare as a pleasant surprise. What with Crossed, League and shortly Providence, Moore’s going through a fairly prolific period. Wish I liked Lovecraft as much as he does but his stuff is always worth reading…

  4. frye Says:

    For what it’s worth, Nguyen is pronounced something like “noo-inn” or “new-inn” (you were very close with one of them)

    Great pod though, particularly liked the Miracleman discussion!

  5. Derek Says:

    I second tam’s plea. Last year I listened to the first fifty or so episodes (I walk my dog twice a day for up to an hour). Good medicine for the fallow periods bw new eps.

    Since I haven’t commented in a bit, here’s some stuff I been reading:

    Bitch Planet: Maybe even better than y’all make it sound. For some reason, probably sexist (given their relationship), I’ve always felt DeConnick suffered from a patina of Fraction-itis, a square studied unidimensional hipness, but this one has a depth to it that I’ve never found in his work, particularly in the verve of its world-building. I do read the essays in the back, despite being relatively up to date on academic feminism, and I’m glad they’re there.

    Cluster: I find its premise effective, tho I may not stick with it beyond the first arc, particularly given the predictability of its reveals, but the art is good and the whole thing has a nice old fashioned action sci-fi vibe a la Aliens. I think it’s the best thing I’ve read by Ed Brisson (I like it better than The Field anyway).

    Rumble: I don’t dig slacker white boy protagonists, but this is snappy and well-conceived, and I love James Harren’s art. I think the only thing I’d seen from him before is the Zero issue, and I’m not always keen on scratchy cartoonishness as a style, but the movement in this work pairs well with Arcudi’s breezy headlong cliff-diving script.

    HaloGen: Stuck it on my pull list because I thought Milogiannis was actually involved; turns out he only did a variant that I didn’t even get. It’s mildly interesting with some quality hard sfish ideas here and there but is generally hard to follow and over-dense. I went back and forth on the art, but tbh it’s mostly hidden behind word balloons anyway.

    Wytches: I am so many issues behind here. I liked issue one.

    ODY-C: Ditto. I mean, c’mon. At this point it’s like a chore I’m putting off.

    Tooth & Claw: I think the pleasures of Wild’s End buttered me up for this one, but it reads as representative of the worst Image/Vertigo tendencies. Let’s recapture that Fables/Sandman magic! (I may be wrong. I’ve only read the first two issues.)

    Plunder: Couldn’t bring myself to slog through this. Worried that I want what it promises (horror on the high seas!), not what it gives (a serviceably illustrated television script).

    Mowgli’s Mirror: All it’s cracked up to be. Beautiful, large, lush. Funny, queasy, disquieting. Schrauwen can do no wrong. There’s something about the simplicity and plainnes of it that perfectly illustrates the cruel unthinking unfeeling absurdity of imperialism: not only imperialism as a material project or an exercise of power, but also as a kind of creeping desperate narcissism.

    Powr Mastrs 1-3: Again, makes good on its rep. Delicately drawn, perverse, psychedelic, inventive. I see how his influence could be construed as negative, but the only truly CFesque thing I’ve ever read is Jesse Moynihan’s Forming, which has plenty else to recommend it. Other people who have been accused of biting his style, like Patrick Kyle (whose Distance Mover I liked): I just don’t see it.

    Janus: There’s something very Japanese about it, like Kobo Abe by way of Kyoko Okazaki. Really loved this weird little book. At a loss to describe it.

    Generous Bosom part 1: Stechschulte’s stories remain unsettling and bizarre despite his naturalistic tone, but his storytelling, its invention, is the real gem. A nested, unreliable narrative is matched perfectly by his formal treatment of the frame and colour. A very, very interesting read.

  6. Matthew Craig Says:

    I’ve been ill for two and a bit weeks, so I’ve missed a bit here and there. I read all those Transies comics from the recent HumbleBundle, and they were the Tuftan’s teats. Strong, character-driven stories, heavy with age and world-weariness. People wrestling with a world that’s changing around them. Great!

    Oh, and I read that Tom Scioli/John Barber GIJoe/Transies comic. Good on the digi, but I wish I’d bought it as a UK reprint on old-fashioned paper in about 1979. An expert piece of world-building, making the Transies feel alien in a way that the shard-and-spike Bay movies tried, but fell short of.

    I also stumbled across some old Spidey comics that made me remember that I actually like Spidey comics. I’d forgotten in the wave after wave of recent wanky fanfic that those old Big Time comics were boss, that Superior Spider-Man was great, and that Slott’s Ock reveal was one of the best comics Marvel put out that year. Happy happy.

    Bon podde. I’m a bit Leagued out, to be frank, so the Nemo stuff is only really splashing off the side of my mind-dunny. I’ve been enjoying Moore’s Miracleman, though. Haven’t read the latest, though. Totleben’s thorny brushwork is scrummy.

    Is Guardians Team-Up the one where Rocket Raccoon parrots that bullshit line about Spider-Woman’s costume design pointing at her no-no? Hated that.

    I liked that episode of…Banana?…where the one lad tries to get the other lad to go out with him, but the other lad thinks he should ignore his heart and wait for someone fitter. Beautiful piece of character writing, and two strong performances.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.


  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    I’d love to keep the old SILENCE!es around but there simply isn’t space on our podomatic account. I will happily email them to anyone interested. Or perhaps there’s some handy dandy online storage thing I could make public. Any suggestions welcome.

  8. Derek Says:

    Any space god worth his salt would distribute his podcast via mind rays, Gary. I’m disappointed in you.

  9. The Beast Must Die Says:

    We all are Derek.

    We all are.

  10. Thrills Says:

    Just to be safe, I’ve downloaded all the podcasts, converted them to waveforms, and printed them out. My flat is now wallpapered with them and I am very happy with my hellish solitude and abysmal dreams.

  11. John Bishop/ Eyemelt Says:

    Excellent work gents, I find I enjoy a podcast far more if my comment is mentioned, perhaps if you just read everyone’s comments out on the episode you would make everyone happier? It was an extra bonus that it was one of the shortest, most badly written comments that anyone has left. Not too dissimilar to this one really.

    Definitely like the idea of SILENCE! wallpaper, that’s a top tip!

  12. Derek Says:

    While we’re considering the issue of space (gods), I would like to double down on the demands I am making of Gary Lactus’s time and energy by once again encouraging him to start a sister show a la WTF, featuring contemplative interviews with comics professionals. You could call it “Awkward SILENCE!”

    (I am so serious. I think Lactus has a real gift for listening, in addition to a tops radio voice and well-established talent for summarizing comic books.)

    I nominate Chuck Forsman to be the first victim. Have you guys read Revenger yet?

  13. Gary Lactus Says:

    No I haven’t read Revenger but I will. I will also do all the other things. All of them. Forever.

  14. Nate A. Says:

    I second the motion for Awkward SILENCE. However, I’m in talks with the agent for Beastman and Laxenberg… Or maybe he’s their parole officer? Whatever. Anyway, it looks like I’m going to get them under contract for a year’s worth of shows. We’re calling it “The Glue 52!” 52 weeks, 52 comics, 52 bottles of glue. Stay tuned, True Believers!

  15. Brendan Says:

    Size Queen

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