December 31st, 2014


Guests, guests, guests! That’s right! Guests! As The Beast Must Die was buried under a megalanche of seasonal commitment, Gary Lactus decided to throw a special New Years Eve party. Gary sure is a popular guy because he managed to get THREE guests to come to his brilliant party. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a party but three is actually quite a lot.

<GUEST> JAMES BAKER took time out from his third Christmas to chat about Isabel Greenberg’s The Encyclopedia of Early Earth,  Young Avengers Omnibus,  Wicked and Divine#6 and They’re Not Like Us#1. There’s also time to talk up Hayley Addis’s new project, Goblin Circus (go to before he has to go and have his mystery dinner.

<GUEST> AL EWING ruined everything by coughing in the egg nog and going on about the Lille comic con. As revenge Gary reviews Mighty Avengers and Loki Agent of Sixis in his face.

<GUEST> MISTER ATTACK burst in and blustered beautifully about Transformers Vs GI Joe, Quantum and Woody and something called Super God Master Force amongst other things. Then technology broke and stopped the party.  
Apologies to ED 209 who did some top chat which is lost forever. Happy new year everyone! I kiss you: XXX    

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9 Responses to “SILENCE!# 127”

  1. With Genuine Sincerity Says:

    Something nice about this one. Made me think of the group- podcasts that you’d used to record ’round the Christ Mass.


  2. Justin Victor Says:

    Coincidentally, I’ve just gotten into Transformers: More than Meets the Eye in the last two months and I’m pretty much obsessed with it, so I’m glad to hear someone else kind of rave about it.

    It’s got a bit of everything – amazing world building, the aforementioned weird humor and surprising politics, a great sci-fi idea on pretty much every page, and a palpable undercurrent of dread punctuated by the occasional outburst of horrible violence. And for all it’s headiness, it’s still actually fun to read. I’ve never been especially fluent in TF lore, but I was able to jump into the story just fine with a handful of current issues. I’m now working my forward from the beginning as well. I very much second Mister Attack’s praise for this one.

  3. Zakaria Says:

    Happy New Future Time!

    You should have Mr. Attack on more often. He’s a fountain of information and laughs, or infunmation as we street urchins call it these days.

    Super God Master Force!!

  4. Matthew Craig Says:

    Shake Yer Body, It’s A New Year Poddy!

    Simon Gane is an ace artist what done a comic with Andi Watson about kissing called Paris. I think it’s about him off Voyager.

    Pam Grier always reminds me of Lisa Kudrow. Something about the face.

    I actually thought the word “Whigfield” just as G-Lac said it. I feel like tomorrow is leaking into my head.=#]’#

    I like to catch up with the Transies whenever I can, but the sheer volume of books puts me off a bit. The last sale on the ‘Ology was a real tempter, though. I enjoyed the FCBD ish of the Scioli crossover piece, too

    Bon podde, all. Let’s keep it keen for vingt-fifteen!


  5. Nate A. Says:

    Gane is great. He did some Godzilla comics recently, around the time of Stokoe’s run, IIRC. I’m pretty sure he’s from American-America (or ‘Merica to us locals). I haven’t read the new series, though Stephenson’s “Nowhere Men” book was quite good, and it got better as it went on.

    Thanks for another swell podcast, btw. Mr. Attack was a welcome addition, as was Mr. Ewing’s French phlegm. I do wish you had given young Kieron Gillen a chance to respond to your slanderous account of his New Year’s Eve countdown scam, however. Or am I mixing things up? Anyway, I’m sure this will all be settled outside the bar at next year’s Thought Bubble.

  6. Giant Monster Dave Says:

    Good to hear someone else quite enjoyed John Carter. Aside from the political shenanigans featuring the cast of Rome,we in the Giant Monster shed also thought it a fun sci-fi fantasy romp (and the bit near the beginning where he is attempting to escape several times was choc full of lolz).
    Not quite finished listening yet, but if Mr Attack is full of praise for Quantum & Woody (which I suspect he will be because its the bestest comic of the tight here right now), then I second that also.
    Happy New Year Silencers and fellow Dear Listeners all.

  7. Giant Monster Dave Says:

    …having now just listened to the end, I fear my previous outpouring of love for Quantum & Woody might now make me look like one of those terrible racists. Yikes!

  8. Ed A. Says:

    Nice to see some more love for Valiant’s Deliquents and Quantum & Woody. I picked up the first 18 issues of Fred Van Lente’s Archer & Armstrong in a [big brand digital comics app] sale recently and, as far as your disposable superhero-ing action-satire romps go, it’s bloody good fun.

    Always thought Valiant (the first go round, circa 1992-95) were ’80s comics being published a decade too late to be cool; what I’ve seen of the new Valiant feels very *now*, very 2010s, which isn’t something I’d say about many comics published by the House of Mouse or the Bros.

    re: Pam Grier/Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Craig’s observation is spot on.

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