May 30th, 2012


Ten’hut SILENCERS! SILENCE #16 is upon us, and whilst it walks like a man, it has a beating simian heart.

After a FLIP FLOP (FREESTEEZ) intro from the Beast, and the epic spacerock of ‘JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY’ from Lactus (wherein the giant mangod makes a little boys dream come true), those rum buggers plough through the SILENCE! News covering all the important business, such as where Batman likes to put his winker, and the question of precisely how crap a real life supervillian can be.

Then, they get on it and mad dog it through the following vibrant periodicals:

Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham’s splendid Batman Inc, the increasingly awesome Prophet, Mind MGMT from Matt Kindt, Fantastic Four 606, Resident Alien from secret legend Steve Parkhouse and ex-revolver editor Peter Hogan, JL Dark (Nowhere) from Jeff Lemire (with a slight digression into the Milliganverse), Jason Aaron shows us how The Incredible Hulk relaxes and Secret Avengers (shhh).

Then Crossover Classix has poor Lactus grinding his way through Owlfight and AVX stuff. TAKE YOUR FILTHY PORRIDGE LACTUS! Just like Bane broke the Bat, an Owl  has broken Lactus.

The Beast has a very brief dip into the Bargain Basement with another issue of Glamourouss, and then talks up the various works of renegade British hero director, Alex Cox, including a misty-eyed appreciation of Moviedrome.

Finally they make ANOTHER little boy’s dream come true when they answer a Judge Dredd-based quizzler from Chris Burnham.

Let it rain tears of sexual thunder dear listeners.

Let it rain.

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16 Responses to “SILENCE! #16”

  1. Thrills Says:

    I actually wasn’t aware Batman, Inc was in the Nu52. Eek! I hope it doesn’t get in the way of the story at any point as I sort of want nothing to do with all that.

    I’m currently reading Alexxx Coxxx’s ‘X Films’ as well, oddly, and he comes across as a totally ace guy in it, and yeah, he’s totally made a ton of films I was completely unaware of, but now want to see. He’s my top Moviedrome dude, and beats Mark Cousins into a Coxxxed hat. Or something?

    Plus, his recent-ish ‘Repo Chick’ is really good, no matter what everyone I know that’s seen it says. IT IS GOOD.


    And Batman is totally polyamorous.

  2. Thrills Says:

    PS thanks for the tiny mention at the end, there. It made me feel both pride and shame.

  3. igmus Says:

    Somewhere in Morrison’s run it’s revealed that in order to create Damian Talia had to get a sample of Bruce’s DNA without his consent.

    So I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s a virgin. No shame in that.

    Well, there’s actually quite a lot of shame in that. Sort of like his Achilles heel, I bet. A bigger trigger word than “Zur-En-Arrh”, for any villain to reduce Bruce to tears by calling him out as a virgin.

    In a way he’s like the Michael Jackson of superheroes. He’s gotten close but I don’t think he’s ever gone through with it all the way. Not properly. I bet all that hairy-chested alpha-maleness disappears in an instant when Catwoman whispers “Is this your first time?”

  4. 3====D Says:

    lets have a disco song already. fuck.

  5. 3====D Says:

    disco song about a supergay.

  6. Ad Mindless Says:

    Yes it’s cheap what DC are doing with their mystery gay character, yes it doesn’t really matter, yes it will almost certainly be handled mehly, but on balance I think more gay characters can’t be anything other than a good thing. One small battle at a time, that’s how you win the war against the (ughfuckoffyouhorriblebigots) “Million Mums” and the Daily Mither.

  7. tam Says:

    Resident Alien sounds great! I’m definitely going to get that. I’m in the mood for good alien stories, having finally got around to reading Skizz the other day, which was like reading a time-capsule of 80s Britain although Skizz himself was still pretty timeless. Wish I could have read that as an adolescent when it first came out though…

    Poor Gary still sounds a bit down. I thought it was the table/sofa thing, but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s due to having to wade through all that owl crap. The comics sound dreadful so I haven’t seen any of them but the imaginary crossover going on in my mind is great, (Batman trading punches with Owl from Winnie the Pooh, Hedwig from Harry Potter and – taking slight liberties here – Ken Loach’s Kes.)

    Also, if The Beast Must Die is looking for more song ideas and has access to a good thesaurus, what about a tune about him trying to catch and kill Hank ‘The Beast ‘ McCoy, in the spirit of a road runner – wile e coyote cartoon? I’ve always had a soft spot for that character, he’s one of the few angst-less, cheerful heroes in the marvel universe although I’ve not seen him for years so that may have changed…

  8. Thrills Says:

    The Steven Seagle X-run from the late-90s tried to imply that the reason Beast is so cheerful is because he is actually depressed. That was a lazy and boring plot that thankfully went nowhere.

    I agree with Ad Mindless that having more gay characters is a good thing, even if they are written badly. Obviously, it’d be better if it wasn’t such a “look at us at Marvel/DC, ain’t we PROGRESSIVE?” stunt, but, well, visibility is important.

    Though it does annoy me that Northstar is only being reintroduced so he can marry a guy that’s been in the comic, like, twice, when he should CLEARLY be going out with Iceman.

  9. amypoodle Says:

    The blonde John Prophet’s the original, isn’t he? Fuck it, I’ve never read Liefeld’s comic and I’m not going to, but I’m just going to RECKON.

  10. igmus Says:

    By the way, I’ve also been buying back issues of Glamourpuss for cheap. Haven’t read very many of them cover-to-cover yet, but I plan to. I keep dipping into them whenever I need a good WTF.

    It’s really fucking weird. So many of the pages are like inside-jokes that I don’t quite get… but am nonetheless intrigued by… But I still nonetheless suspect that Sim’s semi-occluded premises are always just a bit — at LEAST a bit — “off”.

    And I’m not even talking about what he thinks about women, although there’s that too.

    I’ve actually — this is really fucking weird — started to introduce my girlfriend to comics through Glamourpuss. She likes to laugh at Sim’s send-ups of fashion, models, and fashion models. One thing we both agree on very strongly, however, is that far and away the MOST egregious error in Sim’s thoughts on feminism (back of issue 24) was his inexplicable characterization of Zelda Fitzgerald as a “once in a millennium author”.

  11. Ken Quichey Says:

    Frederic Wertham irrefutably proved Mr. Batman’s homosexuality, among many other true facts, in the early 1950s – and anyway:
    That shit’s canonical, so to go one better it’ll have to be a new hero whose whole schtick is about being gay, preferably in an extremely camp, innuendo-laden sort of way.

  12. Kieron Gillen Says:

    And so I succeed in getting JIM onto another podcast. MY NEEDINESS POWERS ARE POWERFUL.

    Good work.

    I also need five pounds. :(

  13. RetroWarbird Says:

    The Milligan has taken the abandoned reigns of StormWatch. Who knows where Cornell went, but it seems a decent fit. A superhero version of the Vitruvian Man attacked, and he’s supposedly criss-crossing with Fialkov’s I, Vampire again, pitting Solar-powered hero versus Vampire.

    Was this the first collision of SILENCE! and MozBats? If so it’s an occasion.

  14. Frank Says:

    Remender sort of IS the bee’s knees, nowdays. Have you read Uncanny X-Force? It’s infinitely better than a X-Force title has any right to be. Easily one of the best comics Marvel’s putting out. Very sci-fi-high-concept-y.
    Also, his “FrankenCastle” arc on Punisher, which everybody was getting ready to hate, ended up being very clever and incredibly fun.

  15. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yeah, loved Franken Castle. Started with the X-Force but somehow managed to drop off. Will pick it up again and give it a reckon.

  16. Accitle Says:

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