New British Comics #2

November 12th, 2009

What no Terminus? Sadly no, not this week. Due to the considerable strain and effort of moving house I’ve been unable to do a Terminus this week. Just a one week hiatus, and it won’t happen again Sir.


Instead I thought I’d shamelessly pimp my wares in the form of my contribution to New British Comics #2, an anthology of…well what it says on the tin really. Here’s the twist: it’s edited and published in Poland

Behind the wonderful Nelson Evergreen cover, you can find strips by the aforementioned, the brilliant Sound of Drowning’s Paul O’Connell and Lawrence Elwick and your humble narrator. Not to mention a whole slew of other talented creators, all wrapped up in one fat 84 page tome.

My strip, ‘Last Summer’ is a nice little blackhearted tale of one boy’s misadventures in the summer holidays. Think Lord of the Flies >Bash St Kids>Mad Max and you’re in the right kind of ball park.  Here’s the first page:


Here’s what a couple of Polish reviewers have said about the strip…

“Great performance of Dan White in “Last Summer” strip, brings William Golding’s “Lords of the flies” to mind.” / 


“The idea of NBC was worthwhile at least to show Poles the creativeness of Dan White. The best in previous issue (“Jackie goes to Hell”), he doesn’t let you down now as well.”

Which is very nice isn’t it?

NBC is the brainchild (lovechild?) of Karol Wiesniewski, whose endless hard work and enthusiasm powers the whole project forward. He’s a hero and a gent.

Check out the blog:

and the website:

and if you want to snag an English language version, head to Bad Press Ltd:

or SmallZone:

84 pages for £4.00? Come on, that’s gotta be worth it. seriously, check it out. It’s a quality package featuring some great talents all doing it for the love.

Here endeth the pimping. Go about your normal business.

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