Welcome back to Diane.

This week we explore the scorched desert of the unreal that is episode 8 of Mark Frost and David Lynchs’s Twin Peaks: The Return. Got a light?

Expect nuclear magic, atomic paranoia, cosmic trauma and the death – and birth – of the devil.

Apparently the silver mustang is the darkness within, so that just shows what we know :-/

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June 23rd, 2017




‘Oo told you to come and see me then? Eric the Mouth was it?  Bloody chancer that Eric, always sendin’ hopeless my cases my way. Finkin’ I got the time to sort out every knoc-kneed tosspot ‘oo comes blinkin’ into my lock up. Oh yeah, course I got a lot of quality gear in this place, all sorts. Got everything you might want actually.  Course there’s a price though in there? What kind of businessman would I be if I din’t ask for a proper price? So you seen what you need ave ya…? Yeah, thought you might’a done. No, no, you put yer wallet away. Don’t want cash for what I’m sellin’, no no. I want something a bit more precious. Bit more valuable.

If you get my drift?

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<ITEM> SILENCE!…Because The Film Has Started, with Gary Lactus weeping actual tears for the kindness in Wonder Woman‘s heart. Also, The Beast talks up Twin Peaks: The Return, in particular Laura Dern.

<ITEM> Finally it’s time to squeeze our svelte figures into the tight-fitting lycra of The Reviewniverse. Comics covered include Slasher, Jimmy’s Bastards, Dark Days: The Forges, DKIII: The Master Race, Black Hammer, Bug, Squirrel Girl, Peter Bagge’s Sweat Shop and more, oh so very much more…

<ITEM> Finally we have I Recky-mend by The Beast, with the Tony Law episode of The Comedican’s Comedian. 

And then we’re done, like old slow dog’s lying in the sun.

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Welcome back to Diane.

Tonight Rosie, Adam and Bob discuss Part 6 of Twin Peaks The Return. We’ve already eaten one-third of this – excuse me – damn fine pie, and our stage is beginning to fill up. Death, the Devil and Dick Horne are our unwanted companions at this crossroads.

Join the crew as we chat about the vagaries of Vegas, a whole new kind of bob, and the insistent buzz of pain and suffering/sorrow*

(*Delete as applicable.)

We always wanted to be a blonde, ladies and gentlemen.

Theme from Diane is by Mass Roman of Strangers from Birth.

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