Welcome to Diane… number 9.

Rosie, Bob and Adam feast on the seventh episode and Season 1 finale of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, The Last Evening.

As the night of February 2nd 1989 drags on the town turns from cherry pie and donuts to dishes of the flesh: Nadine has a picnic, Josie eats blood, Jacques salivates, and the Mill is consumed by fire. Dale Cooper learns more about the last night of Laura Palmer and the darkness that swallowed her.

Expect: Jacques the cave man, the construction of mystery, sexual initiation, and the redemption of the megabitch.


Since a remote time, people had abandoned it, without order expressing their words. Since that time earthquakes and lightning had dispersed its sun-dried clay; the bricks of the casing had split, and the earth of the interior had been scattered in heaps.

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