February 17th, 2016



Look you’re not geeting some fancy schmancy blurb this time okay?? Above, you can see the first two entries in the new game I have created and trademarked. It’s called ‘INSERT EDDIE’ and the point is to prove that inserting Iron Maiden’s Eddie into any album cover automatically improves it. Have a go, and post the entries somewhere I can see them. Winner gets a warm feeling in their undercrackers. Anyway. Here’s SILENCE!

<ITEM> It’s a Bobsy week! Joining The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus to talk enthusiastically, is..well Bobsy. I just said it was a Bobsy week. Really ballsed that one up didn’t I? Oh well. Expect opinions!

<ITEM> Some glorious admin, and discussion of the 2nd of our SILENCE!: The Prestige Format podcasts, available EXCLUSIVELY to our Patreon subscribonauts. Get involved why dontcha?

<ITEM> Bobsy reviews some farkin’ art doesn’t he? Jamie Hewlett’s Tarot designs get a mauling. Ooh I say!

<ITEM> After the usual technical mishaps, the boys enter the Reviewniverse. Discussed: Providence no.7, Deadpool, New Romancer, Vision,  a bunch of Marvel stuff I can’t remember, Batman & TMNT, The Saga of The Victims and no doubt a whole scunt more

<ITEM> Bobsy swears!

And like a crap thief in the night, tripping over a sleeping dog, waking the household, setting off the alarms and getting arrested, we’re out!

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