Welcome to Diane… number 4.

It’s weirder and weirder when Rosie, Mark and Adam discuss the second episode of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, Zen or the Skill to Catch a Killer.

Expect Tibetan something or others, oven gloves, a journey into night and the best way to combat the darkness in the woods. All that and the Red Room.


There’s nothing I can see but you when you dance, dance, dance, dance

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Next episode: Things get unfunereal.

Welcome to Diane… number 3.

Adam, Rosie and Bob are overcome by an apopheniac frenzy while poring over the first proper episode of Twin Peaks. Journeying into the Hollywood, eaten by wolves, stalked by 80s serial killers and positively flapping in fish, our plucky sleuths start surveying the scene, asking questions and making lots of connections.


But will they know when to stop?

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Welcome to Diane… episode 2.

It’s all change as your hosts Adam and Rosie are joined by Mark (aka amypoodle) to discuss the magical undercurrents and symbolic grammars of the second half of the Twin Peaks pilot episode Northwest passage. The queen of Twin Peaks is dead and the soul of the town has been torn and scattered to the winds.

We need a hero: someone to administer the medicine the town needs and begin the reassembly of its story.


Welcome to Twin Peaks, Dale Cooper.

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Next episode ,we leave development heck and move to LA to start the series proper!

 Welcome to Diane… A new Twin Peaks podcast which goes deep into the woods.

Every week we will be exploring an episode of Twin Peaks to decode its magical undercurrents and symbolic grammars scene-by-scene. Whether you’ve been thinking about the body on the beach for the last quarter-century, or are new to the show, join us as we break our souls trying to work out just what the Hell is going on.


In this first episode Adam, Rosie and Bob bid you Welcome to Twin Peaks, a small, strange town in the American North West. They look at the first half of the original Twin Peaks pilot esode entitled Northwest Passage. They discuss sculptures made of oil, the tree giant’s corpse, and Homecoming.

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More soon…


July 4th, 2012


BACK FROM WEDDING! The boys aren’t stopping. They’re certainly not letting anything like a marriage get in the way…it’s Marry Lactus and the Best Beast in SILENCE! no.20!!!!!!!!! (+!!!!)

After a joyous second ode to Journey Into Mystery from The Beast they slip slide their way into the SILENCE! news discussing George Perez‘ exit from Superman, and the pressures of existing inside an ill-thought out confusing continuity (JUST LIKE OUR WORLD, RIGHT LISTENERS!!!??!!) They also talk a bit about Edgar Wright’s possibly upcoming Ant Man movie.

Next up in this comics-wedding banquet the two froth audibly in a rambling appreciation of the astounding Prophet no.26 from Brandon Graham, talk up the Taliastic Batman Inc from Sir Grant, do aural hi-5′s about Peter Bagge’s Reset, get a bit cross about the crossover strangulation of Wolverine and the X-Pants, digest some Resident Alien from Hogan and Parkhouse, mention Spaceman and get totally waylaid in a discussion of nipples in superhero comics. Fatale exists still, Scalped is appreciated, X-Men Legacy is not, FF is a thing that makes the pair discuss the actual location of made up country Wakanda. They also talk about Gilbert Hernandez’ Fatima: The Blood Spinners and Gilbert in general.

Just a bit of room for a heads up about two web comics from Warren Pleece (http://albyfiggs.wordpress.com/)and Simon Roy (http://studygroupcomics.com/main/2012/07/barfight-by-simon-roy/), and then it’s off to bed (not before a bit of aggressive listener-baiting from the tired pair). Oh yeah and the Beast begs for money to go to see Spiderman in a moment of high morality.


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SILENCE! podcast #1

February 8th, 2012


It’s the great new Skype chat show where The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus talk to each other! About comics no less.

In this episode:

Whilst Lactus floats in his spaceship above the Earth (specifically above Brighton, East Sussex), the Beast is holed up in his brand new luxury swank pad inside a Sentinel’s head. The two Mighty Mindless’ conversation soon turns to comics, and they discuss Steve Ditko’s DC work, Pete Milligan and Brett Ewin’s Bad Company, Fatale, The Twelve, WA2CHMEN (totally psyched!!), and Action Comics amongst others, and in a truly interactive moment The Beast watches the Avengers trailer…LIVE!

Strap yourself in for two bite-size chunks of Mindless Poddery, and then join us back here next week for more. Or throw your headset down in disgust and punch your computer. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Try SILENCE! #1 part 1

Click to download SILENCE! # 1 part 1

Not enough for you? Here’s part 2

Click to download SILENCE! # 1 part 2


Here’s the latest Cartoon County chat, preserved for you in pod form.  Here we talk to Mark Buford. Mark is the creator of the daily strip, Scary Gary. We had an entertaining talk about the strip and this tough and overlooked branch of  sequential illustration.  Hope you enjoy it!

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Click here to see more Scary Gary

Zom’s choice now.  He’s brought along Morning Glories, written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Joe Eisma.


I bet you wish that you were trapped in a smoky room of grown men taking about this comic.  Well this is the next best thing!

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This time we look at what The Beast Must Die has brought to the table.  Listen with baited ears as we drink more, shout over the top of each other and discuss James Stokoe’s Orc Stain from Image Comics.

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