June 26th, 2018

Ah, podcasting. The oldest profession. Since the dawn of time began throughout history it has been podcasters who have kept us warm and fed our children. In some ancient cultures podcasters were revered, even worshipped as living gods. Of course today the podcaster occupies the lowest tier of respectability alongside estate agents, prostitutes and Piers Morgan but where would we be without them? Surely dead.

This issue Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die manage to fit in some time for you, generously allowing you to listen in on them talking about Small Press Day, the Kinder Egg scandal that no one is talking about and the collector gene.

Then it’s off to Outpost Reviewniverse for Dice Man Comic, Proxima Centauri, Slasher, Mister Miracle, Bloodstrike Brutalists, By Night, Oblivion Song, Neil Gaiman’s Helblazer, Sandman, Howard Chaykin’s The Shadow, Chester Brown’s Little Man and The Weather Man

Finally there’s some Rekkymend from Gary Lactus of Liam Williams’s Pls Like and The Beast Must Die has seen Black Panther.

You’re welcome.


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