A fine pair of pants posts

July 29th, 2008

Although we are now into the second post dark-age age of comics, yea verily is it a golden age of pants. As the comments on yesterday’s post have revealed, we as well as our children are living in a four-colour consumerist paradise where superhero pants for young and old alike are available almost anywhere. When I was a child such pantly treasures were impossible to imagine. Whither did this underwear wonderland come?

These next ones are my favourite pants. As you can tell from the fading, they’re the oldest in the set, the ones that really gave me the collector’s bug. These skids must go back to the heady days of, well I don’t know really, about 2005 or so? Makes these pants about three years old, which is about as long as I’m comfortable admitting to having worn the same pants for, I suppose. Is that too precious of me? Do pants last several years, decades even? Can’t be sure. The superhero movies summer blockbuster dreamland that we’re all living in was well established when these beauties were bought for me – without the big market driver there’s no way even the Herald of Galactus would have found his way to the local H&M. I wonder how many millions the first Spiderman movie had to clear before someone in the merchandising office shouted ‘Make some Silver Surfer Pants!!!!’

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First pants the post

July 28th, 2008

It had to happen. My underwear collection is famous throughout D-wing, and I am justly proud. Mr. Mackay says laundry privileges are out unless I humiliate myself before the internet. (I rely on him for protection from Fletcher and his mindless thugs.) So this is it. My pants. (EDITOR’S NOTE: in America, they use the word ‘pants’ incorrectly, mistakenly believing it to mean ‘trousers’. This post, and those subsequent, are using the word in its UK meaning of ‘underpants’. Clearly, a week or so of blog posts about superhero trousers would be ridiculous.)

To start with, here are my newest and favourite pants. Featuring both Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, they are the living, breathing blockbuster fashion pant of Summer 2008. At least until I get me some Batman ones.

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