Wot no SILENCE!?

June 6th, 2012



Hi gentle Silencers! Sadly once again this is a Silent SILENCE! week due to our big, busy, bulging schedules. We promise not to let Earthly concerns get in the way of our Cosmic mission ever again…and we’ll be back next week with a show stuffed full of comics giblets, so just hang on to your happy hats till then.

In the mean time, why not check out the  Nintendo version of ‘There Will Be Blood’:


Or the Pingu version of John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’:


And if that’s not enough you could do a lot worse than reading Michel Fiffe’s cracking interview with a take-no-prisoners Tony Salmons over at The Factual Opionon:

Comics nourishment

Fiffe is probably my favourite comics critic writing at the moment – he writes with intelligence and passion about comic art without bringing his ego into play, and has tremendous taste in picking out artists that you may have forgotten about or overlooked. His pieces on Trevor Von Eden, Ty Templeton, Larry Stroman and others are absolutely essential reading, and you can add this Tony Salmons one to the list – what a phenomenal, explosive artist! See you next week!