September 5th, 2019




I sit here and stare. I wait. It is coming. It will come. It is out there, searching for me. Sniffing the air, turning it’s head towards where I wait. I must be calm. I cannot run, I cannot hide. There is no point. I need it and it needs me. We are meant to be together even if it means our mutual destruction. Nearer. Nearer. I can feel it now. It is … it is here.


<ITEM> PHEW What a scorcher! It’s only time for another SILENCE! and what a shaggy misshapen beastie this is. But pet it and you will see it has a lot of love to give. So settle on the veranda, plug in old Gary Lacytus & The Beast Must Die and let our verbal fingers do their aural massage.

<ITEM> Let’s see. We’ve got Illness, Gary’s Bible Studies, Fraser Geesin’s Amusing Character Videos, Mortimer & Whitehouse Gone Fishing, House of X, LOEG Tempest, Kevin O’Neill…and that’s just the intro! Throw in some Sponsorship and now we’re making gumbo!

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse is calling you. Will you answer? Inside it is The Beast Doesn’t Care About Superheroe Films, Walking Dead, Jack Kirby’s Prisoner, Mark Evanier’s 100 Things I Have Learned About Comics, Editors,  Wild & Crazy Guys, Killer Groove, Marvel Action Avengers, Evan Dorkin, How Did This Get Made, Neighbours and more

<ITEM> There’s a special Beast Unboxing with guest start Gareth Hopkins, talking about Best of 2000AD Monthly, New Teen Titans Drug Awareness, X-Force, The Shadow Strikes, Spectacular Spiderman, Fashion in Action, Later Eraser & Pressbutton, Loner, ABC Warriors, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Fuff, Days of Hate, Marvel 2 in 1, Crytsar the Crystal Warrior, Comics Forum and Man Thing. 



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LIFE TURDS have prevented me from finishing my long promised post on Julia Scheele‘s comics, so here’s a quick ramble about the dick-slap aesthetics of Nemesis the Warlock and Marshal Law that I stole from my own twitter account…

Matt Maxwell once asked me if I had any thoughts on NEMESIS THE WARLOCK.  I do, and they’re all blurred by time & distance but here we go!

In Alec – how to be an artist, Eddie Campbell described Mills & O’Neilll’s NEMESIS as “the wicked satire of a rejected Catholic upbringing”. I wouldn’t presume to be able to improve on that description, but it does point towards what’s so good about *O’Neill’s* NEMESIS.

Don’t get me wrong, plenty of good artists have drawn NEMESIS (including Bryan Talbot, for fuck’s sake!) but O’Neill made it look *naughty*. This is what separates his baroque atrocities from similar dystopias (Warhammer 40K, etc): the heavy metal fanfare never obscures the man.

Less is not more – MORE IS MORE!


November 3rd, 2014


One day a REAL blurb will come…and wash all the other blurbs away. Until that day, you’re stuck with this. Deal with it or deal yourself out. NO DEAL, BANKER, NO DEAL!!!!
No Bobsy this week, so get yourself used to a classic double-hander from those two double-handers The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus. It’s a slim, trim, fighting fit SILENCE! that looks just super in those leopard skin jeggings that have been shoved to the back of the wardrobe since January. But don’t worry – there’s some extra treaty goodness attached to the end of this, with Mindless Men-At-Arms lord Nuneaton Savage, Brother Yawn, and no less than Pat Mills and Kev O’Neill. So  peel back your earflaps and plug in to around two hours of splendissement.
<ITEM> Just a good old fashioned sponsorshipping news, a bit of Thought Bubblage and some of the old classic legendary bruv-bants just the way you ‘like’ ‘it’.
<ITEM> The boys climb into a patented ACME Giant Catapult and fire themselves deep into the heart of the Reviewniverse. THERE WILL BE TALKING! The following periodicals will be discussed: The Thought Bubble 2014 anthology, Wild’s End, Edge of Spiderverse, Marvel Golden Age Special, Saga, Supreme Blue Rose, the free Halloween Batman: Legends of the Drak Knight special, 2000Ad and The Delinquents.

<ITEM> Bonus extra specialism – following the screening of Future Shock: the Story of 2000AD, the excellent documentary directed by Paul Goodwin (read a cracking interview with him here) at the BFI, Kev O’Neill and Pat Mills discussed the film with Paul and the producers. You can hear that, plus the collective reaction to the film from The Beast, Lord Nuneaton Savage and Brother Yawn. Opinions! They are shared! And check the film out whenever / wherever you can – it’s ace.

Now you go please. Thank you go now please. GO!

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This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton.