October 5th, 2015




Okay class for this week’s creative writing exercise I want you all to produce a blurb for a podcast. I know we’ve been reading some of the real classics in the blurb field, some of the greats. But for this I want you to  shake them off, and just write something fresh and vibrant. Something that really says something about a modern podcast in the 21st Century.

So; 300 word blurb on my desk tomorrow morning:






<ITEM> It’s that time again. You feel that itching behind your ear? That crawling on your scalp? The sweat on your eyeballs? That’s another edition of SILENCE! tearing its way into our reality. And riding it bare-back are Gary Lactus, The Beast Must Die and special guest stud Bobsy!

<ITEM> Sponsorship, The Beast’s nomination at the British Comic Awards and Gary’s Jack of All Polymaths? You bet your can!

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse aka the nexus of all realities, point zenith, the Bermuda Podcast… Inside waiting are the boys going deep on Alan Moore’s Providence, Michael DeForge’s Lose, Young Terrorists, Sandman: Overture, Wolf. From Under Mountains, Nameless and Bitch Planet

<ITEM> Bobsy does an outro his dear old Ma would be proud off, and we’re off!

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