February 17th, 2016



Look you’re not geeting some fancy schmancy blurb this time okay?? Above, you can see the first two entries in the new game I have created and trademarked. It’s called ‘INSERT EDDIE’ and the point is to prove that inserting Iron Maiden’s Eddie into any album cover automatically improves it. Have a go, and post the entries somewhere I can see them. Winner gets a warm feeling in their undercrackers. Anyway. Here’s SILENCE!

<ITEM> It’s a Bobsy week! Joining The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus to talk enthusiastically, is..well Bobsy. I just said it was a Bobsy week. Really ballsed that one up didn’t I? Oh well. Expect opinions!

<ITEM> Some glorious admin, and discussion of the 2nd of our SILENCE!: The Prestige Format podcasts, available EXCLUSIVELY to our Patreon subscribonauts. Get involved why dontcha?

<ITEM> Bobsy reviews some farkin’ art doesn’t he? Jamie Hewlett’s Tarot designs get a mauling. Ooh I say!

<ITEM> After the usual technical mishaps, the boys enter the Reviewniverse. Discussed: Providence no.7, Deadpool, New Romancer, Vision,  a bunch of Marvel stuff I can’t remember, Batman & TMNT, The Saga of The Victims and no doubt a whole scunt more

<ITEM> Bobsy swears!

And like a crap thief in the night, tripping over a sleeping dog, waking the household, setting off the alarms and getting arrested, we’re out!

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Flashback to… Deadpool?

November 25th, 2015

As previously established, middling superhero comics are so much better when you read them for free from the library, but what about mediocre comics you valued at an earlier age?

What about ones that feature characters whose longevity seems baffling?  Characters who you had assumed would have died with your dreams of a better life but who will soon be starring in their own movie at a cinema near you?  What about bloody Deadpool?

Deadpool, #2-11, by Ed McGuinnes, Joe Kelly and various

I have teenage X-Men damage and I enjoyed these stories a lot the first time round, but this material is as dated now as a ’60s Marvel comic and with a lot less dynamic force behind it…

Artifice and Intelligence

August 24th, 2014

Secret Avengers #7, by Ales Kot, Michael Walsh, Matthew Wilson and Clayton Cowles

They’re re-writing the TV show again, remaking their little models fit to play the parts occupied by [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] on the screen, picking up tips and characters from [REDACTED], letting the characters get all cute cute cute on the black ops beat, all limber on the page, unbothered by caption chatter, the disconcerting mix of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], the whole functioning in defiance of the fact that it’s been divined like Frankenstein, realizing Borgesian phantoms. Is the whole thing ectoplasmic, even the brand management, even the [REDACTED] approved implication that we secretly (Secret Avengers) need/crave dangerous spooks like these? This is subversion but the question of who or what is being subverted is as hard to grasp as the figures on the page, sleek in the shadows, smooth like cartoons – is the mechanism being made more likeable here, or more ridiculous? Are these positions necessarily opposed? Or are we on the third path, Dark Starring the bomb to light another day? You will of course interject that here be monsters, but is that not always the case when one is pre-writing history?

Regardless, this is the most effective use of an affected guest star in a [REDACTED] comic since [REDACTED], a triumph of affect over the constant cries of “THIS IS AFFECT!” There are too few contemporary comics that make intrigue feel this easy.

I certainly hope so: I plan on swearing a lot today, in order to emulate my newfound hero: Jamie McDonald, the Crossest Man in Scotland.

Here’s Jamie exemplifying really what, in substitute of wit, insight, that sort of thing we’ll pursue today, Toosday.


Spider-builder? Batbuilder?
I fucken love a swear. Ready, dickheads? Aye, let’s go then