You’ve all read the first of our amypoodle’s incursions into The Invisibles, yeah? Fucking brilliant, isn’t it?

spunky spunky

Well the second part’s up now, and it’s even better. Here’s how it starts:

King Mob and the rest are ghosts.

Dane is pierced by the blank badge and killed.

Let me show you how.

If that doesn’t make you want to read the rest then hey, you can hand your blank badge back in at reception.

Come on, get clicking!

Finally we can bloody talk about it!


The Comics Journal’s online presence has taken a turn for the better in the form of the Comics Comics crew. Dan Nadel and Tim Holder are at the controls and the comics world is a cooler, more arty place. Good luck, fellas. Long may you reign.

But the big news? The big news is that a certain Poodle will now be blogging over there as well as over here, so if you’ve ever wondered what the guy Grant Morrison described as channelling the Invisibles actually thinks about Morrison’s magnum opus, well… check this out

Bomb light in faraway windows: the Invisibles and Hauntology