Cindy & Biscuit are back with the conclusion to ‘The Bad Girl’. After last issues devastating cliffhanger, we catch up with the plucky pair as they continue their epic struggle with the mysterious witch girl that’s been haunting the woods, and Cindy’s life…

It’s 56 pages of mayhem, as C&B battle for their life in the strangest environment yet. Wherever it is, it’s not the woods any more, that’s for sure…it’s somewhere darker, weirder and potentially deadly!

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Cindy & Biscuit have been nominated twice for the British Comic Awards, and count among their fans Brandon Graham, James Stokoe, Kieron Gillen and Si Spurrier. The TCJ described his work as “immediately appealing, chunky cartooning (with an) ever-present desire to peek round the darker corners of the psych” and Forbidden Planet Blog state that “Cindy & Biscuit is a spectacular comic, full of incredible action, powerful emotions, wonderful storytelling”.

Here’s some nice pictures for your peepers to sweeten the deal:

Welcome to Diane… #23

Things fall apart as Rosie takes a week off, leaving Ad, Mark and Bob to explore Episode 21 of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, also known as ‘Double Play’ – and all without reasonable supervision.

Predictably enough boytime reigns and our #lads look at  this episode through the lens of SUPERVILLAINRY: Leo reasserts his authority over the Johnson house, Ben’s therapy takes a turn for the problematic, and the omens don’t look good for Dick and Andy. Amid the gathering darkness, the old goat and scarlet  woman have decided to adopt a child!


He is no longer the pretext for a story: the story itself renders him homage. He can neither be destroyed nor accept modifications. He requires more of others than of himself. He is never completely invisible. His likeness can be seen through his face. His science is more precious than the word. It is not possible to guess it – and no one can doubt its power.

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Next episode: We investigate a veil through which you might not see.


November 23rd, 2016




(Above image taken from Tillie Walden’s wonderful On A Sunbeam – go read!)

Welcome gentle listenoids to the latest greatest, tightest, freshest, sprucest, fittest, cutest, sweetest, sickest, foulest, slickest, toughest, ice-road truckest edition of SILENCE! the comics lifestyle magazine show challenge. With your hosts the Burke & Hare of the podcasting world, Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die. 

Look, I know that was below par, but sometimes…sometimes I wonder if there isn’t more to life than writing podcast blurbs y’know? For so many years I thought I’d found my true vocation, my life’s work but now…well. Now I wonder – what else is out there? What am I missing? What could I have been?

<ITEM> Bit of the old ‘how’s yer admin’? Don’t mind if I do sir! I’ll have a dash of Sponsorship with it if I might be so bold? And maybe a sprinkle of self-promotion to sweeten the deal.

<ITEM> The boys unveil their new raft of spin-off podcasts. The SILENCE! empire starts here.

<ITEM> Reviewniverse, Reviewniverse we all want to know howdoyouverse? Treats yielded include Mégalex form Alejandro Jodorowsky, Moebius’ World of Edena and District 14. I know what you’re thinking – “LA-DI-DA Mr fancypants, where are my Spiderman comics? Not here, as TBMD admits his #gaimanshame and talks about Books of Magic, Summer Magic and U2. Then it’s Patsy Walker Hellcat, Rachel Pollack’s Doom Patrol, and the Vertigo Visions one-shots Dr Occult and The Phantom Stranger.

<ITEM> Top culinary tips in SILENCE! Because my Mouth is Full of Delicious Food

Then it’s a saucy bumsqueeze for all and then home for a bath and bed.

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