New podcast from me and the boy Sean. Trial period. Shonky first effort.


Bannon/Evola: The antipopular believe 

Esoteric fascism past and present
Why it’s shit
And how to beat it.


DEEPTHEME by the wonderful Nestor Middleton

Bloomberg profile.

Handsome Dan and Prenk Rebus talking at the Conservative People Ain’t Cool convention, February.

Transcript of Bannon speech to an exclusive audience of the Vatican’s wackest paedophiles, Rome 2014.

NY Times article in which having ever read one book by a brokedick fascist is, like, really clever.

An article on Vox about Bannon and Moldbug. Ugliness everywhere.

Wikipedia page.

Julie, maybe stop looking like such a Nazi all the time?

Against the Modern World: Traditionalism and the secret intellectual history of the Twentieth Century

Fourth Turning wikipedia page

The Magical Battle of Britain


The Megatron doctrine 

Welcome to Diane… #30

Join Rosie, Adam and Bob as they take what is almost their last chance to enjoy episode 29 of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, also known as Miss Twin Peaks. We have approached the penultimate episode and soon we will all miss Twin Peaks.

But for now we have happier occasions to dwell on: Mr and Mrs Hurley announce separate engagements. Wyndham Earle discovers a perfect symbiosis of fear and appetite! And Dale Cooper gives his heart away.

The hour grows late. The time has come to gather our beloved Queen and embark upon our dark honeymoon.


O how the darknesses do crowd up, one against the other, in ye hearts! What fear ye more that what ye have wroughten?

This is nearly it – we shuffle and dance our way towards the last ever episode! If you’d like to help us on the final, dire, strait, please visit iTunes, give us the old five stars, and write a review that says simply the honest truth that we are the best podcast in the flipping universe. Cheers!

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Welcome to Diane… #29

There is a great conjunction occurring in time. Join Rosie, Adam and Bob as they look as one into episode 27 of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, sometimes known as The Path to the Black Lodge. As the end nears and Time and Space approach conjunction, our theme is Unification.

Two bad men combine to make a horse. Billy Zane and a certain Miss Horne make a beast of two backs, and Major Briggs returns the secret history of the 20th century to the sight of God.


Each embedding contains the possibility of a dis-embedding, as something that was at a supposedly inferior ontological level threatens to climb up out of its subordinated position an claim equal status with the level above.

LOADS of plans afoot at Diane HQ lately. The end of Twin Peaks is imminent but we feel like we’re just getting started. If you’d like to support us as we take our brains to another dimension then please kick on over to iTunes and gives us a fat five star review. Cheers!

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PS: Image this time via Giphy.