Welcome to Diane… #29

There is a great conjunction occurring in time. Join Rosie, Adam and Bob as they look as one into episode 27 of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, sometimes known as The Path to the Black Lodge. As the end nears and Time and Space approach conjunction, our theme is Unification.

Two bad men combine to make a horse. Billy Zane and a certain Miss Horne make a beast of two backs, and Major Briggs returns the secret history of the 20th century to the sight of God.


Each embedding contains the possibility of a dis-embedding, as something that was at a supposedly inferior ontological level threatens to climb up out of its subordinated position an claim equal status with the level above.

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Next episode: BOBbing for apples

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Three hundred words on Morbius, commissioned by Thrills. Remember, you too can have a blog post on the subject of your choosing, for a penny a word, only at Thought Bubble…

You get two doctorates, do they call you Morbius the Living Doctor? No they don’t. And it’s not even as if Doctor Morbius is a bad supervillain name. It’s a good one. Better than “the living vampire” anyway. “Living” is the shittest possible adjective to have. Well, maybe better than “dead”, but it’s the most unremarkable one.

But that’s life for you. I’m not even a vampire. I didn’t get bitten by anyone, and I won’t turn you into a vampire if I bite you. I did a medical experiment. It’s not “Morbius the living martyr to medical science” is it? Not “Morbius the victim of a terrible tragedy”. Morbius the living vampire.

Just because I happen to need blood, and have a skin condition that means I can’t go out in the sunlight. And OK, I *was* once possessed by a demon called Bloodthirst. But really, obsessing on this vampire thing… If after an experiment I needed to eat a lot of lettuce, would I be called “Morbius the Living Vegetarian”? No, I wouldn’t. It’d still be Dr Michael Morbius, PhD, MD. I’d have a bit of fucking respect, wouldn’t I?

But nooo… it’s all “you’re a vampire” and “desist, foul fiend!” and fights with Spider-Man every time I need a snack. It’s discrimination, pure and simple. Show me some respect, call me “Doctor Morbius”.

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of the Haemophagic American Anti-Discrimination League. If you are a California voter, please support Prop 8 (banning of crosses, garlic, and holy water on public property) in the elections on Tuesday. Thank you for your support.

SILENCE! #199.99

October 12th, 2016




Ugh…*cough*…*hack*…out…get out vile spirit. Begone from this vessel with your crass huckesterism and vile self-promotion. That’s simply not how we *do* things on SILENCE! Excuse me while I use this mouthwash…

<ITEM> After the hiatus…the OTHER hiatus!  Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die are back from their Holiday Cruise and they want to talk to you! That’s right, we’re back and ready for a refreshing comics enema!

<ITEM> Hot buttons! There’s talk of the forthcoming SILENCE! #200 LIVE SPECTACULAR, the London Graphic Novel Network’s S.M.A.S.H. event, sponsorship and Thought Bubble 2016. And why not, you impetuous scamps?
<ITEM> Reviewniverse! Oh Reviewniverse how we missed your 4-colour charms. There’s talk of the new Young Animal imprint with Doom Patrol and Shade The Changing Girl. Then it’s the incredible City Strips Comics of Gotham, The Amazing City and The Incredible City. Then it’s Batman & The Monster Men, All Star Batman, Black Hammer, Martian Manhunter: American Secrets, Suicide Squad, , The Champions, Luke Cage and more, so very much more.
<ITEM> Updates from The Galacticats and the Phantasmacats in Cat Chat
<ITEM> Now shhh. We have to get our beauty sleep and prepare for our debut into society. 7 more sleeps till SILENCE! #200!!

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