Welcome to Diane… episode 2.

It’s all change as your hosts Adam and Rosie are joined by Mark (aka amypoodle) to discuss the magical undercurrents and symbolic grammars of the second half of the Twin Peaks pilot episode Northwest passage. The queen of Twin Peaks is dead and the soul of the town has been torn and scattered to the winds.

We need a hero: someone to administer the medicine the town needs and begin the reassembly of its story.


Welcome to Twin Peaks, Dale Cooper.

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Next episode ,we leave development heck and move to LA to start the series proper!

 Welcome to Diane… A new Twin Peaks podcast which goes deep into the woods.

Every week we will be exploring an episode of Twin Peaks to decode its magical undercurrents and symbolic grammars scene-by-scene. Whether you’ve been thinking about the body on the beach for the last quarter-century, or are new to the show, join us as we break our souls trying to work out just what the Hell is going on.


In this first episode Adam, Rosie and Bob bid you Welcome to Twin Peaks, a small, strange town in the American North West. They look at the first half of the original Twin Peaks pilot esode entitled Northwest Passage. They discuss sculptures made of oil, the tree giant’s corpse, and Homecoming.

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More soon…


April 20th, 2016



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<ITEM> Why what’s this? Not just one, but TWO special guests on this special guesticode? For sheezy! None other than old skool classic Mindless One, Botswana Beast, but returning sparring partner Maid of Nails are here, joining ol’ Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die for this latest installment of 4-colour digressions and mega-ramblings.

<ITEM> Sponsorship, maybe some cat stuff and of course the usual digressions.

<ITEM> A Reviewniverse 4-way?? Yikes, this one’s gonna hurt! Tackled are Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One and it’s a nice deep dive that also takes on Sensation Comics, Beto Hernandez, BDSM, Feminism, Nameless, Doom Patrol, and more. Then we get into The Discipline, Silver Surfer, Gerber and Golden’s Mister Miracle, Judge Dredd, John Wagner, Pat Mills, 2000AD, Garth Ennis’ Enemy Ace, Punisher War Zone, Marvel Unlimited and more more more

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