I had the pleasure of interviewing Dan, who just lives round the corner, to celebrate his first full issue of art for DC – in what rapidly becomes a meander through our muddy Vertigo teen roots and the purpling against-nature dynamics of the DC universe, who is also apparently “your mum”; by happenstance I am lazy and easily frustrated enough to have not edited it properly till today, and I think it makes for a fine accompaniment to an issue out this week that resonates the Way DP motif of finding yourself in fiction and pop culture.

Both covers are good right, but Dan’s features the most badass sword since Frazetta.


I wrote most of this a month ago, but have spent most of the rest of the month extremely ill, and never got round to finishing it and posting. Whoops. All the Easter stuff in here seemed a lot more topical at Actual Easter rather than May 1. Oh well. The next one of these will be published in a week, to get us back on to schedule with them…

And so we get to the point in the crossover where the exciting new characters are introduced for the first time.

Sorry for the slight delay on getting this post out — we’ve been busy on here with the MINDLESS DECADE, and I was also busy getting my most recent book out while coping with chronic illness flare-ups.

Anyway… Crisis on Infinite Earths issue three.