Pillock has posted the second part of his epic interview with the mindless team over on A Trout in the Milk, where-in we discuss politics, favourite posts, and, of course, Wolverine. And how he could totally kill everyone.

Snikkety snak


Milky white mindless interview

January 20th, 2009

The mindless crew were recently interviewed by our friend Pillock of Trout in the Milk fame. The first instalment is to be found deep within a glass of milk


A trout (poached) in (coconut) milk, yesterday. I am a literal mind.

So, our intersphere jizzgame of soggy biscuit has been incredibly successful so far, a fact I find somewhat mystifying, but - go figure - maybe bloggers like reading about blogging. I dunno. I’ve invited Plok or Pillock (which, wow, it used to mean penis, another thing I did nut no - all our British slang means penis, in the end, somehow) from the consistently excellent and engaging A Trout in the Milk to chat. Because we only deal with peoples using the WordPress, it seems to have worked out, coincidentally.

Lots More! Milk! Mindless! Trout! under the cut