getObject #1!

January 31st, 2020

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FRIENDS. This is Rosie speaking, you may know me from Mindless-sphere podcasts Diane or The Shadow Trap. I am here to ask you a question. Do you like video games? Do you like the stuff that’s in video games? Yes? Well then it’s nothing but good news!

getObject is a new podcast about things in games. Each episode me and my co-host Paul try to find the spirit of an object and the way it lives in games. The first three episodes are up so you can join us for discussions of KEYS, MAPS, and GORE.

Please enjoy, and if you do enjoy please rate and review us on your favourite podcasting service and follow us @getobjectpod. CHEERS!

May 21st, 2017

Welcome to Diane… #29

There is a great conjunction occurring in time. Join Rosie, Adam and Bob as they look as one into episode 27 of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, sometimes known as The Path to the Black Lodge. As the end nears and Time and Space approach conjunction, our theme is Unification.

Two bad men combine to make a horse. Billy Zane and a certain Miss Horne make a beast of two backs, and Major Briggs returns the secret history of the 20th century to the sight of God.


Each embedding contains the possibility of a dis-embedding, as something that was at a supposedly inferior ontological level threatens to climb up out of its subordinated position an claim equal status with the level above.

LOADS of plans afoot at Diane HQ lately. The end of Twin Peaks is imminent but we feel like we’re just getting started. If you’d like to support us as we take our brains to another dimension then please kick on over to iTunes and gives us a fat five star review. Cheers!

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Next episode: BOBbing for apples

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