What’s The Story?
Madame Soleil’s wax museum is unveiling a model of Batman, but when the figure is unveiled, it’s not a wax dummy of Batman, but the Riddler, in the flesh!

What’s The Story?

The Penguin is free from prison, and has taken up a new career — as a crime fighter!

What’s The Story?

The nefarious Catwoman is up to her old tricks

Multiversity: Superjudge

May 15th, 2015

And in the end, the threat is the landlords.

The thing about text is, it’s susceptible to criticism.

For all its grotesque, over-the-topness, Mastermen is still fundamentally a comic that pulls its punches.

NB there is an erratum in the ebook version of this. I say “Mark Waid” when I mean “Mark Millar”. I hope that doesn’t spoil your enjoyment too much. As it was in the Bizarro section, I hereby decree that Mark Waid is Bizarro Mark Millar. (I’ve still fixed it below).

Of course, I’ve been talking about Grant Morrison as the auteur, the origin, of Multiversity, but it wouldn’t be the same comic without the artists

Thunderworld Adventures is by far the most difficult issue of Multiversity to write about, because it’s just a purely good comic.

If your mum and dad fuck you up, you have to kill them, of course.

Multiversity: #earthme

May 9th, 2015

Let’s talk about celebrity culture.