If you liked that, why not buy the collected edition?  112 pages of empty buildings, haunted souls and self-recrimination:

Not Because of the People – the collected Looking Glass Heights comics.



Classic British indie small press pamphlet, and a sharp burst of mood and ideas. It’s very much comics as poem – it’s the sort of work that Douglas Noble has been known to do” – Kieron Gillen

A spooky zine… Liked this a lot. The writing is really strong and the art suggests just enough to make you uneasySarah Horrocks


portal #1

portal #2


If you enjoy the comic, please consider giving some time or money to Living Rent (Scotland’s Tenants Union) or another similar group closer to home –



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  1. plok Says:

    Lovely work for the new year!

  2. Illogical Volume Says:

    Thanks Plok!

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