How to do anti-nazi magic

February 15th, 2018

The following steps may be taken whenever the taint of the fascist insect is felt. But to do it like they did it in the day, stake out thirty minutes beginning 11.30 on a Sunday morning.

Step 1.
A quiet room, not too bright. Clean the room with incense first if you like. Sit or recline, feet and hands together, facing London. If you’re in London, face Greenwich.

Step 2.
Clasp in your hands a piece of paper with your campaign objective written or symbolised upon it. Use this statement as your default until you receive further instructions:

Cosmic Law’s victory over unbalanced force is inevitable.
Though obliged to struggle, there is no need for fear.

Step 3.
Using psychic intuition – or common sense – imagine a visual picture that sums up the objective for you. Slow your thoughts and breathing, and listen to the image’s vibrations. Do this for no more than one minute.

Step 4.
In your mind, dedicate your self to the goodness of the supreme being, whoever yours may be. The goodness you will call through is for all, according to Cosmic Law.

Step 5.
Become a facet of the mind of our human species. Its life is your life, and yours to determine:

  • Invoke the name of your god
  • Open your being to the Masters of Wisdom

Step 6.
Refocus on the campaign objectives. You will begin to feel the presence of the Inner Circle, whose influence will shape the remaining imagery of your meditation. Let go to them. Continue in their company and record what you see.

Step 7.
Close down:

  • Imagine a pair of blackout curtains drawn across the scene
  • Stand and stamp your foot on the ground.
  • Say aloud ‘IT IS FINISHED’
  • Return to normal consciousness in good time for lunch.

Further campaign objectives and visual talismans will be issued in due course.


The above strategy was developed by the mystic Dion Fortune at the outbreak of World War Two to counter and defeat the psycho-spiritual components of the threat from the Nazi Reich. As an act of directed mass-psychism it stands as one of the most effective and critical workings on record.

She’s a woman whose name not many people know, but she saved us all from history’s worst nightmare. Dion Fortune (born Violet Firth, later Violet Evans) was a wise-woman who used to live round my old way, and who near the end of her life marshalled spiritual forces strong enough to roundly defeat the genocidal Brotherhood of the Black Sun who ruled the continent of Europe at the time.

She eclipsed the awful darkness of their blood-soaked rituals with two generations of psychedelic light. She did it by assembling an army of madmen: radical mediums, psychic seers, dirty artists and colourful queers. A dotty woman in strange clothes, backed by an informal army of eccentrics with their heads half in the clouds.

Eht sdnierf ew edam gnola eht yaw

The idea with Mindless Ones, one of them anyway, was to give me and that guy Ad a pointless project, a social lifeline and an ongoing excuse to email our pals. We were one and two years in to having kids and struggling to hold on to our fondly-held nerdyman identities (we called them ‘geeky’ back then) in the face of early parenthood’s acute tiredness and chronic responsibility.

It worked very well for all that. The email chain is many thousands long and my OG Mindless brothers, plus the lads and ladies – nay legends – who have joined us along the way, are among my very dearest humans.

But this original campaign objective started to stretch out about three or five years ago? I was less tired, less overweight from using sweets to stay awake, and enough of an old hand at the parenting lark to know you can in fact just force them to read comic books, because children are really small.

Freed by these gentle developments, I started meeting some very interesting new people.

(All this thanks mainly to spacewives Gary and TBMD whose planet-eating SILENCE! humance kept this website going when the rest of use were doing stuff like….

….I have no idea what we were doing. I’m sorry, we should have been posting more, I accept that.

Back when we started, not posting wasn’t a sin.)

Anyway, it turned out people out there in internet-land, not millions of course but quite a little few, and all really smart, had been reading and listening to this stuff on Mindless Ones.

And…. liking it?

Occasionally, at certain blessed places you would meet these people and they would be… wonderful. Instant friends. Good people you can love and trust real easy. Souls you know and who know you. Weird people, a bit like me, all broken in the head from comics. They all seemed to think what we were doing was alright, and that felt great.

I only made these friends thanks to the blog you are holding in your hands right now.

Much later I was doing another podcast. Me and the boy Sean were talking round about the history of occult anti-fascist resistance. The monsters of the twenty-first century ultra-right are all over this shit and the goodies need to catch up, was what we were saying.

In this context I mentioned Dion Fortune and her war efforts, because of course, and when you say magic words magic things happen.

Within a few hours of that podcast going up I got a message from Kathryn Briggs, one of the Mindless Ones-reader/listeners-who’d-become-friends (and as luck’d have it, the most talented comic book artist of her generation). She suggested we work this neglected but increasingly essential slice of occult history into shape.

Kathryn is working on the art for the submission now, with letters and assists from her husbeast/new Mindless New Dave.

And as you can see, it’s fucking incredible.

We’re pitching the story of Dion Fortune’s magic battle of Britain, under the working title Victory Violets, to the world’s finest funnybook publishers.

It’s going to be a historical and magical biography of Britain’s greatest High Priestess, culminating in her destined victory in the real-life astral war for the future soul of humanity. VV looks at the social magic and sexual politics of the pre-Nazi period, and studies the spirit that birthed a new awakening of consciousness in the post-war era.

That’s what we’re doing, and it’s how you do anti-nazi magic. The finishing touches are just going on now, and then she hits the wind.

We’ll keep you posted. We’ll keep posting.

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