February 12th, 2018


  • The year is 2099.
  • Jokesss! It’s 2 0 1 8  and we are 10 tears old, or maybe just six tears, the way man counts these things
  • It doesn’t matter. Here we fester yet. Dry your eyes because it’s SILENCE! #246 missus and Beast is having a break to look after the Mini-Beast or whatever so this week it’s a bobsy week where he and Gary get well comfy and COCKS OUT in the cosmic cupboard.
  • Clever blurb? Do one you poncey nonce
  • SO they start by letting  Ole Aimless out of the bag (comicsgate and oh no no no, the 2000AD SciFi Special, the Big Sick + Trash for Cash Wednesday) and then handclasp it into the reviewniverse where they  get busy with the books of the week:
  • IN roughly the order they were discussed, skipping fans: Twisted Romance, The Beautiful Death, Atlas & Axis, Grave Horticulture, VS, Wicked & Divine 1923, Batman: Metal, Batman: White Knight, MILK WARS, Doomsday Cock, The Amazing Fruit of the Future, Justice League: Film


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5 Responses to “SILENCE! #246”

  1. Rick Vance Says:

    The thing that gets me about the DC stuff is that it is one gross thing if it is a bunch of miniseries or occasional cameos from other characters.

    It is a wholly another thing (and this is where I think what Bobsy is saying makes a lot of sense) when it is the big reveal of their REBIRTH which is a project that is announced as a 2 year plan and the culmination of that is this and all the other characters it very much is the gears that are turning inside the Watch that is DC at this point.

  2. Illogical Volume Says:

    The bit about Scottish people really loving Scottish bands is… not entirely untrue, but we did spend a decent amount of time in Dundee last month slagging fuck out of Primal Scream, the biggest chancers in pop.

    Lovely poddage boyce, and as always every popped can or boozy glug made me wish I was right there with you in the Reviewniverse/space cupboard.

    I really dug the PJ Milne review, obvs. I had similar thoughts about GutsPower way back when:

    I’m stuck on Milne’s style, on the use of that old fashioned alt-comix grossness not as a mode for outrageous straight white guy funtimes, but as a way to genuinely queer the Sex-Men experience.

    If people had any taste he’d be at least as well-lauded as yer Ben Marras, and hey, what can I say: I prefer my neurotic genre comics in heels.

  3. Illogical Volume Says:

    Also: Twisted Romance #1 was fucking great, eh?

    Really glad that’s coming out every week this month. I think the aforementioned PJ Milne knocked it out the park when he described the book as being “like Omni but for the bad kids” or whatever, that definitely captures the feel of the Skelly/DeCampi story.

    The Sarah Horrocks strip is a whole other thing though eh? Her art is totally different from Paul’s but I find myself taking them both in one page at a time, partly because I sometimes need to work through what’s happening but also because they both design pages that work well as a whole unit. Those colours man – fucking astonishing!

    I’ve not read the Magen Cubed story yet either but I’m a big fan of her current twitter handle: Daddy Appropriator.

  4. erstlaub Says:

    This felt like a bit of a proper Bobsy deep cuts episode. There’s definitely some murky gumbo cooking around Moore’s properties – I genuinely can’t call if it’s a conscious thing or a bi product of other magicks though.

    I am an owner of one of the absolute first edition Grave Horticultures (1 of 2 copies – which I will mercenarily sell for $$$$$$s) and it is every bit, if not more good than was hinted at here (I also for some stupid reason didn’t know/realise that its author was aka Thrills). Anyway, go and buy it and make your life immeasurably better.

  5. Winty Says:

    I’m not here for the fucking small talk! I’ m just here for the comics!

    Bobsy always just gets it!(A Comics Savant)

    Thank you all, yet again.

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