November 22nd, 2017


Forty years I been a blurb-writer y’know? My father before me was a blurb-writer and his father before him. And he started the blurb-writers union and all – every blurb-writer worth their salt still talks in hush tones about the blurb riots of 1933. Wouldn’t have the rights we do today without my grandfather and his mates. It’s in the blood is what I’m saying. If you cut me, do I not blurb. Heh.

But it’s a dying art. It’s dead to be honest. Got these new machines that can write a blurb in half the time, and no chance of a spelling mistake or a missed deadline. Oh sure they don’t read the same, but when the bosses see those bottom line figures, you think they care? And the readers hardly notice, that’s the real kicker. In too much of a hurry to get to the content. Click the link, access the content. Content, content content. Well what about conTEXT is what I say? What’s the point. You probably aren’t even reading this anyway. Oh well. Sorry grandpa…I’m trying. I’m trying to do you proud. Once more unto the breach…

<ITEM> HA! A new SILENCE! and it’s only been a week? What is this – a regular schedule or something??

<ITEM> Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die hold hands and do their merry aural dance for your ears only. Bit of Dadmin, some righteous Sponsorship, Gary’s Birthday and the Beast recounts his adventures in going VIRAL!

<ITEM> Reviewniverse shenanigans ensue with talky-talks of Fence, the DC House of Horror special, Bob Godfrey, 2000AD, Indigo Prime, Revere, John Smith, Captain America, Generation Gone, Not Brand Echhh and more, dammnit so much more. Also features some live John Constantine-ing.

<ITEM> I Reckymend features Paul Verhoeven’s brilliant Elle and the latest Adam Buxton Podcast.

And that really is, my friends, the end.


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7 Responses to “SILENCE! #241”

  1. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Comics, eh? What with the recoloured ‘prestige’ Halo Jones coming out, and the stuff with John Smith’s characters, and also that recent one page Zenith story (at least it had Yeowell do a pic for it) they’re not looking very good at the moment, the business-oriented IP-pushing 2000ADs. I like Kek-W a lot, but as you point out, you read Indigo Prime/Revere etc for John Smith’s writing more than anything else…

    Am I going to have to pick up Generation Gone now. Probably! I dropped it after issue 1 as it felt like a movie pitch, and not a good one. ‘Chronicle’ or summat. Glad to hear it does something interesting.

    Lovely bit of Bob Godfrey chat there!

    Also, that Buxton podcast is very good and I almost had a cry while listening, boo hooo.

    Silence! is good, I like it.

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    The problem with commenting on a blog post is that you can’t just press a “like” button or similar. Instead I have to type this about how I sincerely enjoyed this comment.


  3. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Not even sure how I’d respond with a sassy .gif here

  4. Winty Says:

    Have just received Kirby’s Mr. Miracle through (THRU!) the post today. My palms are sweating! Is this normal?

    I liked this podcast. It was good.

    I love it when the Beast and Gary talk old comics.”La-la-la-la – Look-in!” I only bought it for “Donnie Murdo” (back when he was on Grampian. Or sometimes, when we were on holiday, he was on Scottish, Central, Anglia or Yorkshire -Oh! The Novelty!). Towards this time of year (NOT NOW! TOO SOON!) I miss comics having a layer of snow on the title and a wee sprig of holly. Look-in always obliged.

    Jumpers for goal posts. Isn’t it? Mmmmmmmm. YES!

  5. Tam Says:

    Elle is terrific and very funny although i’ve never seen a film quite so carefully engineeered to engender a good post film arguement between viewers! Which isn’t really a suprise given it’s by Paul Verhoeven who’s possibly the most successful provocoteur in modern cinema. His last film, the Dutch WW2 thriller Black Book is also worth checking out. In particular, its last half hour going interesting places you don’t often see in war films.

    Don’t know what to think about the John Smith thing at 2000 AD. I enjoyed Pat Mills’ recent memoirs but I suspect it’s not an easy job editing 2000AD these days and editing a comic aimed at eleven year olds is a completely different job to holding onto a slowly declining readership of forty somethings. Given by how much the prog price has risen over the past few years, I suspect they’re having to work with very tight budgets.
    It’s not as good as it once was, but I keep buying it to support it because there are still moments of greatness and I’ll miss it if it goes

    The look-in and film fun reviews were great. More reviews of forgotten, largely unloved oomics please!

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