November 3rd, 2017




Sorry. Had to clear that hairball. That’ll teach me to lick Lockjaw’s blanket.

Hoo-hah! It’s only anuvver faakin’ SILENCE! innit bruv? With those two town gadaboouts Gary Lactus and the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Beast Must Die! Double barrelled. You are the quarry.

<ITEM> Admin, admin, ‘oo wants admin? Featuring  Dadmin, and Paul Reiser’s autobiography?

<ITEM> Tales of Halloween, with The Beast Must Die and Lord Nuneaton Savage’s horror marathon. Featuring Rituals, Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight and The Comeback.

<ITEM> SILENCE! Because The Film Has Started features Gary Lactus on Thor: Ragnarok and TBMD on Wonder Woman. Films mate. We shit ‘em.

<ITEM> The Reviewniverse opens it’s greedy maw and welcomes the pair in to talk some honest to goodness comics. Including The Lakes Festival Spirit Special, Black Crown Quarterly, CUD: The comic, Mister Miracle, Philippa Rice’s Soppy and probably some other stuff as well.

<ITEM> Only 5 items or less in this queue.


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6 Responses to “SILENCE! #239”

  1. Jonathan Dick Says:

    Hot take: Hot Takes are tedious

  2. Winty Says:

    More delights await you both with the CBeebies Bedtime Story.

    There’s nothing more jarring than seeing someone you recently watched playing an utter psycho, like the great Stephen Graham, reading the “The Yoga Ogre” for your child’s delight.

    Tom Hardy’s reading of “There’s A Bear On My Chair” is fucking intense. I reckon he put more effort into preparing for that than he did for “The Dark Knight Rises”. Essential viewing!

  3. Winty Says:

    My God! Is it something I’ve said? If nothing else I miss Tam contradicting me.

  4. Gary Lactus Says:

    Sorry Winty. I have nothing to add and it’s been considerably less lively here in the comments since all the cool kids started hanging around in the SILENCE! group on Facebook.

  5. Winty Says:

    Story of my life. ;-)

  6. Tam Says:

    Life’s been a bit hectic lately, so only just got around to listening to the latest episode!
    I though the Blade Runner sequel was worth seeing mostly for the set design but a bit dull and relentless, watching it with the lots of easily distracted babies sounds a vast improvement.

    One of the interesting things about Tom King is that writes so well about Christian themes (notably in the Vision) that it doesn’t even annoy heathens like myself

    Finally, I’ve been working my way through a set of the French Claude Chabrol films and just watched ‘The Beast Must Die’ from 1969. Lots of pompous musings about the nature of revenge and not really recommended. The one with the werewolf sounds much more fun

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