Welcome back to Diane.

Tonight Rosie, Adam and Bob discuss Part 6 of Twin Peaks The Return. We’ve already eaten one-third of this – excuse me – damn fine pie, and our stage is beginning to fill up. Death, the Devil and Dick Horne are our unwanted companions at this crossroads.

Join the crew as we chat about the vagaries of Vegas, a whole new kind of bob, and the insistent buzz of pain and suffering/sorrow*

(*Delete as applicable.)

We always wanted to be a blonde, ladies and gentlemen.

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3 Responses to “Diane: The Return (Twin Peaks episode 6)”

  1. Sean Says:

    This episode pairs nicely with the previous; 5 being an overall showcase of rapturous joy and life, this episode being more somber in its examination and presentation of mortality. The two sides of the same coin. Life is full of euphoric car rides, of deep and exhilarating love, of atmospheric highs, with all the wonderful sensations and material that makes us not only alive but living too. We see that in Part 5′s color and music and emotions. Part 6 takes on a more muted color palette and there’s more ominous sections to it. You mention in the podcast a greatness, and a bubbling up of the sinister monster below the surface. I mean, the title of Part 6 is Dont Die and there is a strong showing of mortality in this episode more than other previous ones so far. Yes Mortality is a big overall theme for The Return, but it’s especially concentrated in this sixth hour. Carl Ross’s meditation on a long life lived and the unknown frontier moving forward, Ike the Spike’s horrifying assassination spree, Dick Horne’s hit and run, Frank Truman’s sons suicide, Dougie Coop connecting the young Battling Bud with the older Bushnell Mullins. It’s not a clean thematic/narrative division of course because these are not distinct episodes but smaller parts of a larger whole, But I do think that there’s enough of a specific energy and identity to both 5 and 6 to attach these understandings and structure to them both. In fact it further supports a modular viewing of the Return, potentially viewing hours paired together as well as the full 18 hour movie for different thematic, narrative, artistic experiences. I honestly feel that 5 was my preferred part/episode of the two, but 5+6 create a wonderful companion piece that really celebrates and meditates on both Life & Death, their symbiosis, and how that complexity fashions our experience (what would life be without death? Vice Versa?)

    Re: RED. When he mentions the problem with his liver, it is absolutely that his body is antagonistic to him. It brought to mind (for me, being a biochemistry student steeped in many branches of science including of course biology) the idea of antibodies, autoimmune disease, allergies, VIRUSES. It made me think that his physical body is not just antagonistic, but repulsed by and actively rejecting him. How? This is not a biological virus or antibody situation, no this is on the level of chakra and spirit. This is a metaphysiological argument between body and (lack of) soul. Red’s body does not recognize Red’s soul as being of the host organism. There is either an absence, a black hole there or perhaps an invading spirit.

    Windom Earle maybe as the Argentina antagonist? I’d be down for that twist. I definitely don’t think that Jeffries is the one in contact with Mr. C (never really felt like Jeffries came off antagonistic, nor protagonistic, just very lost and drifting.)

    Diane!!! It was so good to see her finally. The invisible made visible. Oh I have strong feelings and high hopes that Diane is going to blow us away, she’s the unknown that knows and only she can make visible the invisible.

    Also, Gordon has a sweetheart? I loved that small bit. I wonder who the lucky lady is haha

  2. bobsy Says:

    I was thinking he is more perhaps the kind of guy who calls waitresses ‘sweetheart’! But it’s nice to think there is a Mrs. Cole out there.

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