Well, this was a lot of fun. On May 11th 2017, Gary Lactus, The Beast Must Die and Lord Nuneaton Savage sat atop the Bishop’s Finger with a the finest fellows a bunch of pod bods could ever hope for.

Small Press was the theme of the evening but first we started off with Tam Laniado leading a tribute to the recently rest-in-peaced Leo Baxendale.

Proceedings proceeded with some rambling chat which covered such small press obscurities as Bum Child by Tim Leopard, OHM by an odd chap that John Bishop met at a convention many years ago, Fast Fiction, Meow by Cyriak and L.I.F.E. Brigade by the delusional genius C. A. Stormon. There was also talk of Viz and the indestructible Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

After a pleasant refill we decided it would be sensible to talk to the creators present. This meant John Riordan going on about Hitsville UK, Douglas Noble waffling on about Strip For Me and Gareth Hopkins guffing about Intercorstal. Luckily there’s some top top chat about daytime TV wine experts to liven things up.

After a lovely singalong we turned off the recording devices and indulged in social activities which shall go unrecorded and spoken of in hushed tones as the years passed thus turning all present for this wonderful evening into legends.

John Riordan
Nick Bryan
Steve Lacey
Anton and Amy
Gareth Hopkins
Douglas Noble
Two Headed Thingies



8 Responses to “SILENCE! #226 LIVE IN THAT LONDON!”

  1. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    That bit about LIFE Brigade and the comic with all the sweary balls in it was very good. Love stuff like that in the small press and hope to add to it with my own confusing gross comics about dicks.

    Good WineChat, too.

    This sounded like a fine event.

  2. All Quiet Now « Strip For Me Says:

    [...] week you should be able to point your lugholes toward the venerable Silence! podcast, which, in its second live edition, features more of me that you could possibly want. Not only do I forget the names of the hosts of [...]

  3. Jonathan Dick Says:

    Since Ozymandias has trained himself to perfection in every way, he is the greatest Wine Prick of them all.

  4. James Stokoe Says:

    Loved that little chat with Douglas Noble, really sharp dude it seems. Gonna have to check out Got Your Nose, sounds amazing. YOU’ZE GUYZ should get him on for a full show interview (unless you already have, and I’ve been a bad dear listener?)

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up a copy at Thought Bubble if you’re not too busy with mad fans trying to buy sketches off you with slices of penis.

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