April 11th, 2017

Don’t call it a comeback! We been here for years (and years and years and years and)

ITEM Gary Lactus and Bobsy enjoy a return visit from The Beast Must Die.
ITEM Everyone really enjoys some more of Gary’s brilliant Slash Fiction, there’s some chat about the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, and The Beast tells us about Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four.
ITEM It’s time to hold hands as these noble heroes sing you into The Reviewniverse and a great big long bit of talking about the final issue of Alan Moore’s Providence and great small shorter bits of talking about X-Men Gold, America, Batman, Black Cloud, Captain America, Akira, Champions, Hawkeye, Shade The Changing Girl and World War Tank Girl.
ITEM SILENCE! LIVE! Thursday 11th May 9-10 W Smithfield, London EC1A 9JR from 7PM
ITEM Dinner.

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16 Responses to “SILENCE! #221”

  1. Harry French Says:

    Cracker of an episode, everything that’s brilliant about Silence! Great lofty Moore chat, quality slagging of dog shit Marvel comics and some great laughs, all topped off with some stroking of cat testicles.

    Haven’t read any of Providence yet, but have loved listening to you guys dissecting it on the pod and await a nice tasty hardcover to spend all my money on. Worth reading the 2 books that came before it?

  2. bobsy Says:

    Yeah sure, with reservations that a) they’re not as good as Providence and b) the middle chapter Neonomicon is… (excessive guitar sounds) …hardcore.

  3. Jonathan Dick Says:

    This was a great episode with a lot of meat on the bone. I have enjoyed your Providence coverage and I hope Avatar gives us a nice paperback collection and not a crazy exclusive hardcover for $150. Akira really is just a marvel of art and storytelling in comics. Its amazing how decompressed it is, where the actions of a few seconds fold out over one page.I wpuld love to read Domu, but it is sadly out of print and the second hand prices are quite steep. I also find the constant yelling of “Tetsuo” and “Kaneda” in the movie to be quite charming.

    Now that Mark Waid has quit Twitter in a huff, I would say that Nick Spencer has taken over the role of being a Twitter’s number one Comics Baby Man quite nicely. If ever you needed proof that white privilege is real, just look at how he acts online and manages to keep his job.

  4. Bob Doublebob Says:

    imho it was a bit tasteless to reveal that the third Summers brother was also the 12th Imam.

  5. bobsy Says:

    Congrats on winning the internet there Bob, please be careful with it

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    Absolutely, congratulations!

    Can someone explain the joke to me?

  7. bobsy Says:

    Sorry no, it is complicated.

  8. Tim B. Says:

    Thank you for another very enjoyable pod. Cat testicles, hate wanking, CIABatman, live mayonnaise opening & Steven Segal, truly a thing of beauty.

    Have to agree with TBMD, Providence #12 was something special, need to get a physical collection. Thankfully Avatar have a slipcase version out on Kickstarter for a completely reasonable $129 + $57 UK shipping in October, which includes The Courtyard & Neonomicon, which if you’re the kind of person considering paying that sort of money for this collection you’d already own!

    Geesh, Marvel! just send all of your creators a big poster of pages 12&13 of Steranko & Lee’s Captain America #110 with a memo: The further you get away from how the relationship between Captain America & HYDRA depicted here (i.e. lots of punching) the worst your comics will be, this is an incontrovertible fact.

  9. Bob Doublebob Says:

    Gary: The potential existence & identity of a 3rd Summers brother was an ongoing mystery in X-Men comics for a number of years.

    Come on man you’re supposed to know this sort of thing.

  10. Bob Doublebob Says:

    Cheers Bob Singlebob, but the Marvel films have actually tried to distance Hydra from the Nazis despite establishing the connection in the first Cap flick. It’s the only reason I can possibly come up for Gary Shandling’s character.

    It’s really pretty weird how we’ve gone from nazis being the go-to baddies to having baddies who want to takeover the world and kill loads of people while trying to make it clear they aren’t doing it in a bigoted way. Doesn’t that just make them liberals?

  11. Tam Says:

    As TBMD says, marvel’s mutants are often surprising hard to sympathise with. As with most things, I think 2000 AD’s treatment of mutants in Strontium Dog (and to a lesser extent Dredd) where they almost all have really crappy mutations and tough lives (as opposed to attending an exclusive private school!) is an infinitely better way of addressing issues like racism and persecution…

  12. bobsy Says:

    Bob Dub Bob – last time we moviegoers saw Hydra properly was… I think… in the Ultron one? They were totally holed up in Himmler’s Castle, with monocles and experiments on twins and they are still Nazi AF in my mind. Shandling is like maybe… the ultimate example of American sliminess, so as to say ‘this is the kind of guy who could join Hydra today’ (his – the actor’s – Jewishness aside)?

    (… I think there are some Hydras in Ant Man too maybe, but all I remember of their presence in that is some military propaganda with all marching hornets and that)

  13. James Wheeler Says:

    They’re textually distanced from the actual Reich in First Avenger, but that’s so they can function as Nazi stand-ins and defuse potential merchandising problems in the non-Anglophone European market. They’ve seemed pretty Nazish since then. Think 1bob is right on Shandling – he’s a senator or whatever in Iron Man 2, so you get the “they’ve infiltrated the highest echelons!” bit along with your celeb cameo.

  14. Nate A. Says:

    Thinking about CIA Batman’s getting punched a whole lot in his comics… This has been a thing since Dark Knight Returns (see cover of Book 2). That having been said, I agree with Bobsy that there’s something more going on here, especially since Frank the Tank has been something of a an indicator species for the affective/political economy of geek culture. Still sure what it means, exactly, though.

  15. Bob Doublebob Says:

    It’s true they don’t seem to be able to make up their minds either with the films or comics exactly how nazi/not nazi they want Hydra to be.

    I may well be wrong but I remember there never actually being any clear shot of a swastika at any point in First Avenger. Like James says I think that’s to avoid extra editing for certain markets but once I noticed it I found it really weird.

  16. James Wheeler Says:

    Think you’re right about that. An incredibly odd dissonance arises from the stressing of Hydra as a Rogue Cell – Cap’s fight ends up being completely separate from the war itself, so cutting from him going into the ice to VE-Day celebrations makes little to no sense.

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