April 3rd, 2017

SILENCE! Man’s oldest friend. Since time immemorial began throughout history it has been SILENCE! which has fed our children, built our houses, lit our fires and shoed our horses. Welcome to what is probably the single most essential issue of SILENCE! ever. Gary Lactus and Bobsy talk a load of balls, discuss SILENCE! LIVE #2 (to be held May 11th at the same place as last time, tell us in the comments if you’re up for it) and create some Slash Fiction///./../../..>>>>>##””’][=-`

';#.,/=-p][p'ITEM This has never happened before! Gary and Bobsy are both posting simultaneously and the streams are getting crossed!!! Gary had this chill- ironic narrator thing going, see above, but bobsy was going to do a bit about that show about the Mormon wives, and the guys with all the unhappy wives? Gary is the dumb guy who has to remember four wedding anniversaries per annum and TBMD, Maid of Nails, bobsy and co are all his babymakers who all loathe each other? It was gonna be a bit like that.

ITEM Bobsy didn't really know where this was going to go however, so he started writing the end first and hoped a good bit for the start would come to him while he was going along. It to be honest, hadn't...

ITEM And then the thing with the crossed streams happened which saved bobsy's bacon quite a bit. Good old Gary: it's his spaceship, we just float in it.

ITEM Then Gary and his third, or is it his seventh, fave wife have a great TV news section they didn't have the presence of mind to call Silence! Because I’m trying to watch the telly and they say stuff about Legion and Samurai Jack.

ITEM Death is gripped as the celestially betrothed and cosmically neglected couple pair bond and enter the Reviewniverse! where they talk about the comics time of course: Inhumans Prime, Xmen Prime,  Lone Wolf and Cub, Galaxy of Brutality: Space Riders, Spider Woman, Black Widow, Rick and Morty, Cinema Purgatorio and Detective Comics.

ITEM that’s it G you can do the podcast embed now:

ITEM Right you are, Bobsy.

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11 Responses to “SILENCE! #220”

  1. Jonathan Dick Says:

    It has been interesting to watch the dramatic shift in fan goodwill between DC and Marvel over the last few years. I remember with Marvel Now and leading up to Secret Wars, there was a lot of excitement about Marvel. DC was mired in the slop that was the New 52. Now that has reversed with DC riding high and Marvel in the shit. Although I think DC scabbing off Watchmen(again) is pretty shit, most fans who would care about that are long gone. I look forward to the horror of Batman vs Rorschach and Superman vs Dr. Manhattan.

    I’m glad Gary is enjoying Lone Wolf and Cub. Bobsy’s assessment is pretty much dead on. I finished volume 3 this week, which means I only have 25 volumes left!!

  2. Billing Says:

    Your mention of the Prisoner and his interactions with women is explained on the blu ray special features where they go into detail how McGoohan was so religious that in one scene where he walks away with his arm around a woman he got his daughter to stand in for the actress and on the commentary in one episode where he is dancing with a woman he goes out of his way to avoid any contact which in the episode just comes across as him being paranoid and not wanting anyone to be too near him

    As for the viewing order Patrick McGoohan gave his version of episodes that he considered important with the rest being filler

    *Free for All
    *Dance of the Dead
    *The Chimes of Big Ben
    *Once Upon a Time
    *Fall Out

    Id switch out The Chimes of Big Ben for Many Happy Returns as it has the same twist and so they cant both be canonical and I think its a better episode with the eerie abandoned village and no dialogue for twenty minutes and also Hammer Unto Anvil is a great episode too

  3. Nick Bryan Says:

    I too finished Legion last week and thought “Wow, this would really reward a re-watch, but who has the time?” But I might re-read the Legion storyline in X-Men: Legacy by Si Spurrier which seems to have partially inspired it, that was fun. Slightly plagued by the rushed-looking art that low-selling Marvel/DC titles often end up with, but still.

    I think someone said on a recent SILENCE! that Spurrier hasn’t had a major, long-ish signature work to really make his name – I think those 24 issues on Legion are the nearest so far, for me at least.

    And yes, if a second live episode happens, I’ll probably find my way there.

  4. Bengt Says:

    The guy with a skull of some sort on his shoulder in Spider Woman 17 is probably supposed to be Doctor Voodoo (who I thought was dead, but comics). At least the hair matches and the costume kind of does if you squint a bit.

  5. Tam Says:

    I’ve never had any urge to see Braveheart but that’s the second (semi) reliable recommendation I’ve had to see it within the week so I might have to check it out.

    I watched The Prisoner last year for the first time ever and it’s immediately become my favorite TV show ever. There’s just so much to like about it, McGoogan’s got such presence, the environment and the amazing final episode (which uses pop music as well as Tarantino). And you can also see it must’ve have blown the mind of a young Peter Milligan since you can see its influence in pretty much everything he’s done

  6. Gary Lactus Says:


  7. Gary Lactus Says:


  8. Gary Lactus Says:


  9. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    I have always maintained that Braveheart’s a load of shit but is super-enjoyable, but I gave it a rewatch recently and it’s far too long! Ocht!

    Space Riders is a lovely-looking comic, picked it up as it stood out on the shelves, but there is barely any comic there! Ocht Ocht!

    I loved the slash fiction. Erotique! Ocht Ocht Ocht!

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    Thank you for acknowledging how great my slash fiction is. I have been working on some more today. It’s really sexy.

  11. James Wheeler Says:

    A few words in defense of pink Beast Hank McCoy:

    - It’s a much better codename for a guy who’s just a bit hairy and has big hands and feet. Giving a character called Beast claws and fangs is a Chuck Austen move.

    - The Frasier thing comes from the 90s cartoon’s miscast voice actor. Setting aside his standard muscleman brogue before Stan Lee came up with the “looks rough, talks smart” idea, he’s from Illinois. Talks smart, sounds Midwestern, dere.

    - Mind you, the hands and feet have to be really freakishly huge. He can’t wear shoes, no way.

    I read the first volume of Space Riders and you totally nailed what’s missing – it’s always too concerned with keeping one foot in “cool” and “having a story” to fully embrace the fun absurdity that is its key strength.

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