March 20th, 2017

His time has come! A fury of man and metal known to mortals as Spare 5 joins the Reviewninuats Bobsy and Gary Van Lactus for more of the old usual (sid james wink and a sid james cackle) comic reviews and ‘e ain’t even jolly well red em! Don’t matter though does it listener? Strap on dear listeners as CIA batman, Amazing Spiderman, USAVENGA Boys, sorry USAvengers, Coady and the Creepies, Daredevil, All-Star Batman, Wildstorm, American Gods, Poe Dameron, Casanova, Head Lopper and God Country are all dissected for the pleasure of no one.

Also Spare 5 done seen a film, Get Out yeah and and and Gary done a song about Brighton public transport AND AND AND Bobsy paps the Dave’s Comics crew!

It all ends with High Fives and hungry Gary and no dinner for Spare 5.


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10 Responses to “SILENCE! #218”

  1. Tim B. Says:

    Iron Fist is OK, starts off slow, so early reviews giving it a low rating seems fair enough, but it’s fine, Jesse Henwick (Colleen Wing) is good, Finn Jones is not the greatest actor but then again he is playing a character who’s been trained to be a living weapon since the age of 10, and his violent Kimmy Schmidt schtick is at least watchable. The fights are fun & there’s a take on the whole notion of undying corporate person-hood/unending copyright as one of the main villains which is interesting coming from a Disney property…

    As a White English bloke don’t really feel comfortable commenting on the whole white saviour/cultural appropriation issue without putting my foot in it.

  2. Cass Says:

    Spare 5: The helmet in the car was from the very first scene, where the dude gets choked out and stuffed in the trunk. The choker, whose identity we learn later, was wearing that helmet.

  3. Cass Says:

    Sorry, the above refers to Get Out.

  4. Spare 5 Says:

    Weird. I remember that bit but not the helmet. Thanks for clearing that up though!

  5. Anton B Says:

    Another vote for Iron Fist here. I’m only five or six episodes in but so far it’s got me hooked. I’m not a fan of the original Marvel comics character, in fact my knowledge of him is limited to knowing he existed but this is decently acted with glossy production values and an intriguing narrative through-line. A bit padded out in parts but that’s inevitable given the box-set binge viewing demographic it’s aiming for. As to the cultural appropriation argument…it’s definitely guilty as charged but as the source material is ‘a white guy learns martial arts from mysterious oriental monks’ I don’t see what else you could do except not make it into a TV show at all.

    How you doing with Jerusalem btw? I’ve had to give it a rest as Moore’s protracted James Joyce impersonation in the third section was doing my nut in.

  6. Gary Lactus Says:

    Oh yeah, Jerusalem. Progressing at a glacial pace. I may well forget about it entirely eventually.

  7. Billing Says:

    Having finished Iron Fist id say its alright
    Everything other than the lead and the fight scenes are great and they can both be fixed with a change of actor and fight choreographer

    Its a slow start but once it gets going it has a nice pace that doesn’t burn out by trying to stall with padding like Jessica Jones, nor does it feel like two different story lines mushed together like Daredevil season 2 with Electra and Punisher or Luke Cage Cottonmouth and Diamondback

    It might actually be the most coherent story line and is closer to season one of Daredevil which it has the most callbacks to

    The main flaw is the lead actor who has no presence and in scenes where he is supposed to be intense its laughable but luckily every other character around him is better acted and have fleshed out characters so they pick up the slack which is something I fell is missing from some of the other shows where the supporting characters get sidelined

    Id say power through the first three to four episodes past all the proving his identity stuff and after that it really picks up

  8. Daniel S. Says:

    Such beautiful sounds! Love it as always.

  9. Harry F Says:

    Bobsy’s CIABatman breakdowns have me wanting to read a batman comic for the first time maybe ever, which may well be the opposite of the desired effect. Still, really enjoying your take on it, tis lovely stuff for the brain.

    Shame to hear The Wildstorm #2 is a bit duff. Actually think that in Injection and Trees (especially Trees) Ellis is doing some of his best work in years, but both are utterly unreadable as monthly comics and definitely won’t talk anyone who’s not already on board with him round. Will undoubtedly pick up the first collection of The Wildstorm, even if reviews paint it as rancid shit. Because what is comics if not unjustifiable expenditure and inevitable disappointment.

  10. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    “Because what is comics if not unjustifiable expenditure and inevitable disappointment.” should be the quote on the back of every trade paperback!

    I bought The Wild Storm, hated it. My own fault as I also bought #1 and hated that one too! What a guy.

    This was a good Silence!


    Watched 3 episodes of Iron Fist, seemed to take forever. That is one boring show. Bad fights! Unforgivable. That on top of the impossible-to-square-away cultural appropriation stuff means I shall not be going back to it, even if it does apparently improve in quality.

    Grump grump grump.

    ‘Get Out’ was ace, though.

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