January 3rd, 2017



Well gawsh shucks and golly gee willickers! It’s the first new SILENCE! of 2017! Time to shake off the cobwebs, blow open the windows and let the singing bluebirds of the new year come twit-twitting right into your flaming gob holes. Got a resolution? Break it! The only resolution you need is to listen to SILENCE! and no other podcast. Oh, and be excellent to each other.

<ITEM> Join those lounge lizards Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die as they shed their old 2016 skins and reveal their shiny new 2017 bods, ready to rock the new year and shake the comics firmament.

<ITEM> Bit of post-festive admin including some spooky TV recommendations, Cat News and of course the boundless joys of unfettered sponsorship!

<ITEM> There’s a micro-edition of SILENCE! (Because the Film Has Started) as The Beast reviews Captain America: Civil War

<ITEM> Carrie Fisher RIP

<ITEM> New year, new Reviewniverse, and we ring in both the old and new, with discussions of Motro, Alan Moore’s Star Wars stories, Snyder and Lemire’s AD, Steve MacManus’ Mighty One: My Time In the Nerve Centre, She Hulk, Civil War II, Detective Comics, Rick Veitch’s Swamp Thing, Keith Giffen on Spectacular Spider-Man and Hex and more, oh so much more.

So let’s go! Now! GO! NOW GO!!

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15 Responses to “SILENCE! #207”

  1. Jon Sapsed Says:

    The Beast Must Die surely you’re coating the wrong guy in the plagiarism story? Is it ok to have a comics anthology filled with stolen stories? No! The Gaiman did the right thing and the plagiarist did the wrong thing.

    Relatedly Ive heard people say Gaiman would have a case for the Harry Potter franchise plagiarising one of his stories and he’s never pursued that, which would suggest he’s not an obsessed grass.

    With all best wishes and due respect for the new year…

  2. Zakaria Says:

    After a break from comics where I followed politics, perhaps a bit obsesively, I am now finally back, and look at that, the first SILENCE of the year to soothe my weary soul.

    So who’s this Tom King everyone is talking about?

  3. D Cairns Says:

    I remember there being a plagiarised John Smith story, but I don’t remember what it was or what it was plagiarised from. But I wrote an angry letter to Tharg. I would agree that while Gaiman’s actions could be seen as prissy and telltale-tit, one does not want lots of stolen stories (pretty sure it was nicked from Heavy Metal Magazine). And Smith’s excuse sounds totally bogus: he did it because he thought he could get away with it. He wouldn risk not getting hired again if he thought he would be found out.
    It IS kind of lame that the editor of 200AD didn’t bother keeping up woth Heavy Metal, but McManus was clearly doing SOMETHING right during those years…

  4. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Tom King is some CIA anti-terrorism guy who makes comics that are apparently good but people should not buy because, hey! CIA.

    But that’s just my own personal bias there.

    How does the Steve McManus book compare to that David Bishop Thrillpower Overload one? Does it cover much the same ground?

  5. Gary Lactus Says:

    These are all matters for The Beast Must Die to address.

    Except for the Tom King thing. I don’t care if he worked for the CIA, in fact I think that’s a more interesting background than many writers. Mainly he’s a decent writer. None of it has torn my brain out and replaced it with shining galaxies full of stars of amazing wonder but it’s pretty good despite that.

  6. Zakaria Says:

    Being already aware of the CIA thing, I think I’ll start with Omega Men and Vision.

    In a world with the FSB, the CIA connection almost counts as a point in favour.

    Kirby help us all…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The thing that struck me about the McManus charming autobiography was his complete ignorance of US comics. I reckon that having an editor with that perspective together with creators who WERE familiar with foreign stuff (like superheros and Heavy Metal) is a big part of what made the comic so special and interesting in those days.

    Gary : the Dredd collections perk up again around vol #25 as the various stand in writers like Mark Millar fade away and John Wagner starts to take control of the strip again. There’s some good stuff in there…

  8. Steve MacManus Says:

    Paul John Thrillin’ asks if my memoir covers the same ground as TPO. Have no idea as I have not read that esteemed document. But suggest the two make a grand literary encapsulation of Thrill-power unlimited.

  9. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Yeah, the aversion to the CIA thing is morally simplistic of me but I am standing by it. At the very least it’s an excuse to save money not buying a comic.

    Think I’m gonna pick up the Steve MacManus book, though. Ta!

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