November 23rd, 2016




(Above image taken from Tillie Walden’s wonderful On A Sunbeam – go read!)

Welcome gentle listenoids to the latest greatest, tightest, freshest, sprucest, fittest, cutest, sweetest, sickest, foulest, slickest, toughest, ice-road truckest edition of SILENCE! the comics lifestyle magazine show challenge. With your hosts the Burke & Hare of the podcasting world, Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die. 

Look, I know that was below par, but sometimes…sometimes I wonder if there isn’t more to life than writing podcast blurbs y’know? For so many years I thought I’d found my true vocation, my life’s work but now…well. Now I wonder – what else is out there? What am I missing? What could I have been?

<ITEM> Bit of the old ‘how’s yer admin’? Don’t mind if I do sir! I’ll have a dash of Sponsorship with it if I might be so bold? And maybe a sprinkle of self-promotion to sweeten the deal.

<ITEM> The boys unveil their new raft of spin-off podcasts. The SILENCE! empire starts here.

<ITEM> Reviewniverse, Reviewniverse we all want to know howdoyouverse? Treats yielded include Mégalex form Alejandro Jodorowsky, Moebius’ World of Edena and District 14. I know what you’re thinking – “LA-DI-DA Mr fancypants, where are my Spiderman comics? Not here, as TBMD admits his #gaimanshame and talks about Books of Magic, Summer Magic and U2. Then it’s Patsy Walker Hellcat, Rachel Pollack’s Doom Patrol, and the Vertigo Visions one-shots Dr Occult and The Phantom Stranger.

<ITEM> Top culinary tips in SILENCE! Because my Mouth is Full of Delicious Food

Then it’s a saucy bumsqueeze for all and then home for a bath and bed.

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4 Responses to “SILENCE! #203”

  1. Dan Cox Says:

    1 hour 6 minutes of guff followed by 4 minutes of decent cookery chat. I’m considering bailing to another podcast.

    I too abandoned Rachel Pollack’s DP. Mainly because I don’t understand comics and I wanted the story to be over. Cliff and Jane were off happy in Danny The World. I’d have read the New Adventures of Dorothy.
    One issue I did pick up had the best villain in it though. They had false memory powers so they’d sidle up to people and be like ‘Do you remember that really great night we spent together at Thought Bubble?’ And the person would have those memories.
    Great horror idea and one I would love to have had/idea I will steal at some point. Will seek out some of her other issues.

    Tillie Walden is a proper talent. And I have no idea how she’s so productive.

    Birthday salutations to my favourite space god. And enjoy the lakes!

  2. Gary Lactus Says:

    Thanks Dan. Currently waiting for The Beast Must Die in a pub in Euston. Lake District Avengers assemble!

  3. Dan Cox Says:

    Lake District Avengers, a fully painted prestige series, each issue fully painted with full paint. Hope you packed the mint cake. X

  4. Tam Says:

    The problem with most eurocomics for me is that while the art is often wonderful and the genres are much more diverse than US comics, I rarely find the stories very compelling, Asterix aside. That said, Moebius’ art is so incredible that he’s more than worth it for the pictures alone.

    Apparently 2000 AD are about to put out a collection of Summer Magic. Seem to remember a fantastic Ray Bradburyish first episode followed by very rapidly diminishing returns. Just looked it up and discovered it was written by Alan Mackenzie who was an editor of 2000AD during the 90s and wrote loads of not particularly fondly remembered series including Moon Runners, Bradley and Brigand Doom. I’ve suddenly realised he must have been the main influence in making me give up reading 2000AD during the 90s

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