November 16th, 2016




Look over here! Over here! Don’t look that way, look here! Over here! Look I’m waving my arms around! WOO-HOO! OVER HEEEEEEERE, OVER HE…
Damn. You looked. You saw it. Well don’t say I didn’t try and warn you.Well lookee here it’s a bright shiiiny new SILENCE! crawling from the wreckage. And those rubbery old puppets Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die are joined by Clarky T-Bubz, thw surprising new character find of 2016! All here to give you a hot comics injection right up the wazzoo.<ITEM> Things get off to a cracking start with a post-Thought Bubble 2016 de-brief, from the inside out. Panels, parties and somnabulistic botty-rumbles? All here true believers.

<ITEM> Some comics chat in the downhome comforts of The Reviewniverse, with exclusive talk of Motor Crush, discussion of Violent Love, Comic Book Babylon, From Under Mountains, Habitat, 8 House, Stathis’ Picnoleptic Intertia, Ulises Farinas’ Motro and Hitsville UK. And all with a smile on their lips and a flick of the heels.

<ITEM> Bit of the ol’ SILENCE! (Because My Mouth Is Full of Delicious Food), some Lady Lactus and the Galacticats, and more more more.

<ITEM> And you go out BANG! Like a candle.



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This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton. It’s also sponsored the greatest comics shop on the planet GOSH! Comics of London.

7 Responses to “SILENCE! #202”

  1. Nick Bryan Says:

    Great episode. Slightly compensated for not being able to afford Thought Bubble this year (along with going to the excellent SILENCE! #200 recording). Just finished reading the Morrison Doom Patrol for the first time so very interested by Comic Book Babylon, and maybe also the Young Animal stuff. Though I might take the Beast’s Advice and wait for the trade (or Comixology sale).

  2. John Riordab Says:

    Cheers for the multiple shout-outs guys (crisis on multiple shout-outs?)
    I wish I WAS quick on the draw, I am painfully slooooow and struggle to draw anything that doesn’t have a face. But thanks anyway!
    I feel a bit sad that the only new comics I have picked up recently are my two favourite comics from the 90s (Doom Patrol and Shade) but they are good so far, aren’t they? I am in love with the artwork on Doom Patrol.

  3. John Riordab Says:

    Ooh, John Riordab! Is this my new, totally crap Mindless Ones name?!

  4. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yes it is John Riordab.

  5. Dab Cox Says:

    Lesser podcasts would have edited out beetroot chat but Silence puts cooking with the Lactuses front and centre. I’m quite partial to a beetroot, feta and nut (wall or hazel) combo myself. And roasting them with a bit of thyme works quite well.

    Didn’t really listen to the comics stuff. The last thing I need post-Tbubz is to spend more money on comics. I am not buying Motro, nor I.D. your opinions are meaningless to me.
    Gives in immediately.

    Speedcock remains the funniest thing I have witnessed this year.

  6. bobsy Says:

    Loving the solidarity from the Hibsville labs there

  7. John Riordab Says:

    Well if we’re ALL going to swap ‘n’s for ‘b’s now, Bobsy becomes Nobsy

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