Welcome to Diane… number 9.

Rosie, Bob and Adam feast on the seventh episode and Season 1 finale of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, The Last Evening.

As the night of February 2nd 1989 drags on the town turns from cherry pie and donuts to dishes of the flesh: Nadine has a picnic, Josie eats blood, Jacques salivates, and the Mill is consumed by fire. Dale Cooper learns more about the last night of Laura Palmer and the darkness that swallowed her.

Expect: Jacques the cave man, the construction of mystery, sexual initiation, and the redemption of the megabitch.


Since a remote time, people had abandoned it, without order expressing their words. Since that time earthquakes and lightning had dispersed its sun-dried clay; the bricks of the casing had split, and the earth of the interior had been scattered in heaps.

We hope you have enjoyed season one off Diane…. Season two will be along next week!

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9 Responses to “Diane… #9: Twin Peaks Episode 7 – The Last Evening”

  1. John Says:

    Hey there, just chiming in on Episode 9 (Coma) while it’s still the newest podcast available…(I’m going to post this on your libsyn page too…)

    It hadn’t occurred to me that Dale is the disappearing man just like his namesake, but all things I’ve heard about the new episodes makes this more true than I’d have ever wanted.
    Also, I like your Buddhist Wolverine comment…maybe the new episodes will find the long-absent Coop discovered in Madripoor.

    NEVER quite put together Donna never giving her name to the Tremonds…maybe that’s the reason she’s never brought back into the lodge stuff. That’s one of my big “If I could fix one thing” things to clean up that dip in the back half, making Donna a focal point of the supernatural so that the supernatural remains in the show… But if you don’t eat their offered food, if you don’t give them your name, then they have no power over you… Excellent observation.
    And as a Midwesterner, creamed corn is pretty sweet (and I so like it) but if you’re not familiar with the texture it can be interesting. It’s got a buttery feel but with the skin of corn kernels still present. Most similar idea I can come up with is orange juice with pulp.

    We love our trains too, but the sheer expanse of the US makes their gigantic upkeep cost-ineffective especially when you have planes and highways doing everything so much more efficiently. And Metro trains are in regular circulation in the bigger cities.

    The Log Lady’s cabin (per the audio Diane tapes) is near Pearl Lakes, as is the cabin where “bite the bullet” happened.

    Twin Peaks is often a love letter to things that have come before (like the Patty Duke Show’s identical twin cousins), and in the case of James, Donna and Maddie singing that song, the show’s nodding to how Rick Nelson sang songs in the living room at the end of Ozzie and Harriet episodes. (And I think the vocal sound they were shooting for was the Everly Brothers.)
    I found your joyful James impressions highly endearing, by the way. Rosie, yours especially made me laugh. LOVE how you blend the fun and the highbrow together.

    Your show is always so good…thanks for another bright spot in my week.

  2. Rosie Says:

    Thank you for enlivening our lonely comments section here John!

    Very pleased my James Hurley impression didn’t lose us 100% of our listeners at least. That was a fun group exercise but I don’t think Donna, James, and Maddy need to worry about the competition. Do you know if the idea of them having a band is mentioned anywhere else? What would they be called?

    It was after we recorded this episode that I listened to your excellent summary of the Access Guide on SW&21. I was kicking myself because you did bring in some discussion of trains and also the ruling families of the town and their history there which would have been relevant. In general also I thought your summary was very intriguing (and well put together) and I definitely want to pour over the book. I am trying to get the Access Guide in earnest now but am going to try to arm wrestle my co-hosts into chipping in for a group copy.

    LOVE orange juice with pulp so clearly creamed corn is a delicacy I need to get into.

    It is such a pleasure to make the show and interact with other fans of the show John and your engagement is hugely appreciated! Glad you’re still enjoying :)

  3. John Says:

    :) Glad to help out where I can, and glad you liked my book report.

    As far as I know, no one anywhere believes that James and the girls were actually a band, just being industrious with their downtime. But I’ll throw in a vote for Myna Birds.

    The captcha feature on your libsyn page is confounding my phone and my work computer for different reasons so I’ll import these comments there tonight when I can get to a different computer, but I think I might start using that place for comments while you and yours catch your episodes up here. Do you have a favorite place to interact with us or is it all as good the other?

    And how could I not enjoy your show? It’s tied for first because of all that love and care you put into it. I really didn’t think there were any new podcasts needed for Twin Peaks after 2015 happened, but you’re proving me more wrong with every episode, and I love it. Tell me I’m wrong again, and this time don’t forget the ice bucket and the vacuum.

  4. Rosie Says:

    hahahaHAHA! Very good!

    As far as I know here is good for comments, I didn’t even know we could do comments on libsyn to be honest. It might be that Adam and Bobsy have other ideas but I like it here. Not so worried if it’s out of synch with the episode commented on I don’t think, but I believe we’re still trying to catch up, will check on that.

    Mynah Birds is definitely what the band would be called there’s no need for any alternatives.

  5. John Says:

    Good to know. If it’s lady’s choice to prefer it right here, then here we are.
    And my comments aren’t showing up on your Libsyn anyway (even though it said I posted correctly) and it’s been over 12 hours since I posted so I suspect there’s something going on over there anyway. Might be worth letting the guys know the problem.

  6. Adam Says:

    John, the praise you lavish on us is a wonderful boost, fella. It’s hard work doing the podcast. Knowing that people are getting something out of it makes it all effort feel worth it.

    As an aside, and just putting this here because while I know it can’t realistically be controlled I might as well say it to a commenter who cares: please please no S3 spoilers, or anything that might remotely look like a spoiler. We’re all trying to stay as unspoiled as possible as we move into S3!

  7. John Says:

    Hey there, sorry about season two future thoughts bleeding into my words. That I should be much more careful about, and will do my best on that front.
    As far as season three thoughts, rest assured that all I know is what is written on the back cover of the upcoming mark frost book and I thought that’s been officially revealed (and I feel it just implies things rather than reveals). Otherwise, I don’t want to know anything either so I’ve been dodging too.

  8. Adam Says:

    Don’t worry about S2, we’ve all seen TP all the way through at least twice, probably three plus times.

    On S3, I simply don’t understand the desire to seek out TP spoilers. Mystery is fundamental to the appeal of the show! It just seems nuts.

  9. John Says:

    Amen to that.
    I think in general, the podcasting community is united on that front and really so is the hardcore fandom. It’s the general media who’s not invested deeply that we all have to worry about.

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