July 5th, 2016



Imagine a blurb. A blurb like you’ve never seen. A golden, beautiful blurb that shines like the sun. A blurb that glistens like dew on morning grass. A blurb that sings like the strike of a tuning fork against an angel’s backside. Imagine a blurb like that. That blurb is here. Can you taste it?

<ITEM> It’s the return of The Beast Must Die, joining Gary Lactus for another ker-lassic episode of SILENCE! But wait! What’s this? It’s also a Bobsy episode! A Bobs-isode!

<ITEM>There’s some admin and a whole load of My Two Dads chat. Of course. And some self-promotion for the our sister and brother podcasts Diane and The Earth-Pig Diaries. And news of our various appearances at Small Press Day 2016

<ITEM>Three men in a Reviewniverse? It’s a king-size edition with more digressions than you can shake a fully painted graphic novel at. Transformers Vs GI Joe, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank, The Sweetness, Detective Comics, Providence, Beverley Hills Cop II, Bill Sienkiewicz, Midnight of the Soul, All New Avengers, Captain America, Captain Brexit, Sean Phillips, John Smith, Sexy Male Comics Creator Top Trumps, The Sound of Drowning and a whole lot more.

And we are done. Move along people.

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8 Responses to “SILENCE! #195”

  1. Adam Says:

    Not listened yet. Looking forward to hearing more about Captain Brexit’s superpowers.

  2. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    I hope Silence! #198 focuses solely on X-Comic “The 198″

  3. Aaron Says:

    Wonderful podding as always, I look forward to subsequent episodes of “The Chaykins”.

    Re: Captroversy – I think crass is the right description for that story, but when the critique tries to build a bridge from “crass” to “anti-semitism” it loses me. Same with the inclusion argument. Publishers should actively seek voices, both in creators and in characters/stories outside of the white cis-het male hegemon, absolutely. But when that turns into “and therefore they should take the fanfic community more seriously” I just don’t think that’s the answer.

  4. Jacob Says:

    Sound of Drowning chat has me rabid to track down a copy. Damn you Garylactus why couldn’t you have specifically drawn my attention to this wonderful and amazing thing of beauty (as described by yourself and Bobsy) with more vehemence earlier so I would have supported the Kickstarter.

    Usually I hear the words ‘Kickstarter’ and I think ‘bollocks to that, I can spend that money on alcohol’.

    Please tell me if any copies are lurking round the shelves of comic shops of Brighton as it would be worth the trip just to nab one.

    Re Captain Brexit – Ideal candidate would not be Captain Britain but instead Captain Midlands from Paul Cornell’s much missed (by me) MI-13.

  5. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Sound of Drowning is indeed excellent. Hilarious and sad and dark and kinda inspiring, as well. Definitely has that Vertigo Milligan feel, some of it wouldn’t be out of place as the first few pages of a Shade issue.

    Actually wondered for a bit if the scifi strip with the new dialogue was actually a new comic entirely, as the dialogue fit the images so well.

    An ace comic.

    I second Jacob’s suggestion of Captain Midlands being Captain Brexit. A perfect fit!

    I also miss MI-13. Was a much better Marvel UK comic than the recent miniseries that brought back Death’s Head and Motormouth etc

  6. Tony Heugh Says:

    Sounds like an actual tragedy that I can’t buy Paul O’Connell’s work. Wonder how hard it is to fart it up to comixology submit.

  7. Jeff C Says:

    Bobsy’s assessment of Transformers Vs GI Joe actually makes me hope there is a collection containing all fourteen issues. I haven’t read any of it yet.

    I did meet Tom Scioli a few years ago at a local con, where I bought a copy of his American Barbarian. He signed it and drew a picture in the front of it–one of the few signed anythings I possess.

  8. Gary Lactus Says:

    I have contacted Paul O’Connel and he has some copies left over. Contact him via twitter whilst he’s still on it @sodpaul. Get in quick as by the sound of it, that’ll be it for Sound Of Drowning forever.

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