June 28th, 2016



As our (pretend) close personal confidant Luke Haines will tell you, “it’s not for God’s love/ it’s not for cocaine,” which are the only two extremes on the religion-80s drugs scale.

Of course it’s not, you dirty heathens! It’s for COMICS.

All-inclusive SILENCE!, the comics podcast that makes you listen to ladies etc sometimes. Gary Lactus is joined by emergency guest Maid of Nails all the way from the Razor House in darkest Caledonia, who like any other Strong Female Character can talk massive amounts of shit just like Them Goize.

<ITEM>Comedy, maternal pop culture reviews, we’ve got it all. Find out whose mother really wants to hear more about the Ents, and exactly how to catch Gary Lactus’ comedy show in London.

<ITEM>The Reviewniverse spawns chat of Judge Dredd,  2000AD, Wolverine Goes To Japan On His Gap Year, Nighthawk, Bitch Planet,  Civil War II, The Ultimates,  Wicked And Divine, Wonder Woman, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Auaman, Punisher,  All Star Section 8 and some talk of the Preacher TV show thing.

<ITEM>Watch out for the Nipple Collector


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15 Responses to “SILENCE! #194”

  1. Bob Doublebob Says:

    The classic Punisher 2099 scene you were referring to:

    It always annoys me when I see people bring it up as an example of “haha the 90s”. It’s Pat Mills fer fucksake! Of course he’s taking the &£*$!

    Also bugs me a little that people leave out the bit where Punny flies out the window by the power of HATE.

  2. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Early podcast thoughts: “That’s an action feeling” should be some sort of new catchphrase.

  3. Gary Lactus Says:

    Right. I need to read Punisher 2099. I think everyone probably does.

  4. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    They are Good Comics. Big wad of them in a local bookshop for £1 each so I try to pick one up whenever I go past.

  5. tam Says:

    Michael Carroll’s Judge Dredd is okay but the problem is that he clearly admires Dredd too much. Apparently Wagner and Grant used to make a point of having Dredd do at least one appalling thing per story whereas Carroll mostly writes him as a superhero.

    I think the best current alternative to Wagner is Rob Williams who’s much more attuned to the ironies the strip needs. There’s just been a trade collection of Titan, the epic he did with Henry Flint which is well worth a read…

  6. Bob Doublebob Says:

    I was really disappointed recently when Marvel collected most of the 2099 series but left out Punisher. Boo.

    Are any of the Cal-Hab Mindless Ones planning on attending the Glasgow Comic Con this weekend?

  7. Daniel S. Says:

    I’m so glad you love Moon girl and Devil Dinosaur! It is one of my favorites these days. Nice and easy and beautiful.

  8. John Bishop Says:

    Excellent work, so good to hear the literary masterpiece Punisher 2099 receiving so much love! The unwitting Punisher comics of the 90s are pure gold. So many magnificent pinups by ‘up and comers’ never to be heard from again, featuring the Punisher completely destroying thugs with his fictional guns and throbbing spandex biceps! You get a real sense of the rage and bitterness in the unhinged mind of the creators. GOLD I TELL YOU!

  9. John Says:

    I haven’t listened to your show (I’m here for Diane), but that picture’s a gender-swapped Dog Welder, isn’t it? I’m simply dumbfounded.

    I think I need to subscribe.

  10. Gary Lactus Says:

    That’s Maid Of Nails, guest host on this very episode.

  11. Tim B. Says:

    Re Aquaman, In the interest of maintaining neckbeard-babymen calm Warner Brothers have just decided to get Jason Momoa’s hair dyed blond according to the publicity shots for Justice League Part 1:hanging around looking moody waiting for Darkseid to turn up in the final scene.

    TV Preacher is OK, the thing that’s keeping me watching is the performances from the leads, the shoddy fumbling around looking for a plot does not bode well for their planned The Boys TV adaptation.

    There’s a new six parter, Sixpack & Dogwelder: Hard Travelling Heroz coming in August from Ennis & Russ Braun, which is nice.

  12. Bob Doublebob Says:

    Is Bueno Excellente still a comedy rapist?

  13. Maid of Nails Says:

    He’s graduated to consensual pervert – he does some pretty disgusting stuff with Guts (the female member of the team, who’s a sentient pile of internal organs), but she is a fully consenting participant in the perversions.

  14. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    That’s almost enough to get me to pick up Section 8, actually. HATED Bueno Excellente ‘LOL rape’ thing in the Hitman comics, enough to put me off that whole team entirely despite really liking and finding funny Dogwelder and the Defenestrator. If they’ve done away with that shitty bit of ladbanter humour, then fantastic!

    Plus a person called Guts who is a pile of guts is the sort of character I like.

  15. Bob Doublebob Says:

    Great. Much as I love Garth Ennis he has quite a few troubling flaws. Chief among them being his belief that men being the victim of rape is the most hilarious thing imaginable. Another big one is that any queer character or anyone into anything kinkier than cunnilingus is virtually guaranteed to be a baddie.

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