Welcome to Diane… episode 2.

It’s all change as your hosts Adam and Rosie are joined by Mark (aka amypoodle) to discuss the magical undercurrents and symbolic grammars of the second half of the Twin Peaks pilot episode Northwest passage. The queen of Twin Peaks is dead and the soul of the town has been torn and scattered to the winds.

We need a hero: someone to administer the medicine the town needs and begin the reassembly of its story.


Welcome to Twin Peaks, Dale Cooper.

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Next episode ,we leave development heck and move to LA to start the series proper!

9 Responses to “Diane… #2: Pilot, part two”

  1. Zakaria Says:

    Favourite part of the episode so far..

    “I don’t think you can look at that pile of dirt and not think of excrement, aight”



    “I don’t think you can look at it and not think of, ehh, the sides of ourselves with bodies that actually we try to push to one side”



    I like my analysis to be revealing of the “text” OR the person doing the analysis. When it’s both, that is even better!

    Keep being weird and keep being observant!

  2. Adam Says:

    That train car, though. Dirt *in* that train car.

  3. Rosie Says:

    haha! Well noted Zakaria you should try playing D&D with him. “Dirt” is definitely a theme…

  4. Adam Says:

    Pointing out that dirt and feces are linked conceptually and, arguably, instinctively strikes me as fairly uncontroversial. I doubt that Mark thinks of poo every time he sees a bit of mud or whatever, but within certain contexts the boundaries between the two do feel more porous. The train car, a place where bodies have been debased and violated – exposed as physical systems – would seem like one of those contexts.

  5. Mark Says:

    I lived in the country for years. I certainly do not think of poo whenever I see mud. It´s dirt piled up in an otherwise ordered indoor space that made me think of that stuff.

  6. Adam Says:

    You love poo

  7. bobsy Says:

    I love how Zakaria managed to peg you both so effortlessly – Z we might have to get you on the show


    Lynn, idea for a podcast: Analysis on Infinite Birth, where the mindless twins are endlessly analysed by people who have heard them say stuff on the internet

  8. The Beautiful Word Disgust Me Says:

    I really love these, please record more as quickly as humanly possible.

  9. Adam Says:

    Sssshhhhh… don’t tell anyone, but there actually are MANY MORE on i-tunes and here

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