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Behold!The podcast of TWO WORLDS! Yes tasty little mortals it’s an episode of SILENCE! where our two star-crossed (comics) lovers are separated by the triple threats of time, space and curry! On one world we have Gary Lactus, trapped in a hell of his own making – on another world The Beast Must Die is trapped in a heaven of his own partaking! That’s right, it’s two solo-casts sellotaped together to make one shambling hybrid giant podcast.  So let’s double down for a two-way switcheroo and get ready for the Crisis on Two Podcasts!

<ITEM> Gary tackles some sadmin with news of Darwyn Cooke’s passing. But there’s some gladmin with tales of Alan Moore in the flesh. Then he mournfully slides into the Reviewniverse for All New Different Avengers, The Ultimates, The Vision and Batman.

<ITEM> The world flip reverses and we’re into…

<ITEM> The Beast takes over, and there’s more sadmin for Darwyn Cooke. Then it’s a jaunty polevault into The Reviewniverse to take a squirt at Grant Morrison’s Heavy Metal, Criminal 10th Anniversary special, DKIII, the end of Huck, The Vision, and Beasts of Burden.

<ITEM>and what, pray tell, is The Earth Pig Chronicles? Find out here.

So prepare to have your mind sliced up like a cheesecake and served up to your eyes…It’s SILENCE!

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9 Responses to “SILENCE! #188”

  1. Zakaria Says:

    I had been wondering whether or not to get Grant Morrison’s Heavy Metal. The “cosmic bug story” might have convinced me to at least get the 1st issue.

    Then again, it is Morrison, I probably would have gotten the 1st issue had it only gotten shit reviews.

    And it didn’t! Glory, glory to the GmO!

  2. Jack Says:

    I feel like Cooke really led the way on having a strong, pop-art style of cartooning. There would be no Mike Allred, Chris Samnee, or Doc Shaner with Darwyn Cooke.

  3. Jack Says:

    Also, Ed Brubaker’s father was in the military when he was growing up, so he knows whereof he speaks.

  4. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Lots of good singing in this ep, and also some great cat moments! Look forward to you folks teaming up again, though, as you sounded a bit lonely. Chin up!

    I thought Heavy Metal was terrible but shall not elucidate further as I don’t wish to be mean. I love euro sci-fi, though. It is maybe the comics I like best currently, yer Incals and Silvio Cadelo and Druillet so had high hopes for Heavy Metal. I’ll give next issue a go, though, just in case.

    Also, I’m one of those few people that thinks New Frontier is good all the way through, even the end-of-game boss bits. I love the War that Time Forgot and Martian Manhunter bits especially. Oh, and that Flash scene where he’s running towards the badlads. Cooke really was pretty perfect for those kinda comics. Sniff.

    This year can fuck off.

    Tellingly, I enjoy the weary vitriol towards Huck, and the annoyance at rubbish questions aimed at Moore. Righteous negativity can be very good to listen to.

  5. Harry F Says:

    Whilst I will look forward to you two pairing up again, Beast’s solo Reviewniverse performance demonstrated quite the vocal range and moved me like the most emotive of ballads.

    I thought that Heavy Metal was almost uniformly brutal across the board, sadly. My expectations for Morrison’s involvement were maybe too high, but it certainly didn’t feel like something that he’d curated.

    Still, I’ll buy the next one in case it picks up like the fool I am.

  6. Carl Says:

    I guess just for the sake of historical accuracy, someone should point out that as influential as Cooke’s work is, Allred’s appearance on the comics scene predates his by about a decade.

    I have to agree that the Beast’s solocast was fantastic (Huck hate helps). Gary sounds a bit sad cooped up in the spaceship. His best solocasts are recorded walking about town, or next to a running hand-dryer in a public lavatory, or on public transit, beside a fellow traveller to whom he must explain he is not deranged but merely podcasting.

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yes, I was very tired and lacklustre. My brain wasn’t working well (see the inability to remember Alfred the Bat Butler’s name). Mr. Die was the true hero of the pod this week.

  8. tam Says:

    I’ve got that issue of Heavy Metal sitting in front of me waiting to be read, but having heard that review, I’m now really struggling to summon the will to actually read it. Thanks for that TBMD!

    Horrible news about Cooke. His writing had its limitations but his art was always great and there was no one better at doing charming superhero stories in the same spirit as those 1960s silver age comics but elegantly updated for the modern era.

    Particularly fond of his depiction of the decency of the Martian Manhunter in The New Frontier which is probably my favourite bit of characterisation in a superhero comic

  9. TS Moreau Says:

    Really liked the Moore commentary this week. Dude’s a great for all time, no doubt, but the pedestal he’s constantly put on does no good for anyone involved. God forbid someone should stop slobbering his knob long enough to actually ask the man a fucking substantive question. But no. Hero worship guru bullshit instead. If you redefine terms ad nauseum, you can draw equivalencies between anything, but that shit’s for con artists and shit artists, not someone who should be listened to in any real way.

    Morrison’s Nameless and Annihilator were alright, but not half as good as they wanted to be. He’s been coasting a long while now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Heavy Metal felt like coasting as well, but I’ve admittedly not read it. Moore is at least still trying. Both are really just doing the pop star thing nowadays, which I suppose they’ve well earned, but I get much more of a lazy feeling from Morrison’s more recent output than I do from Moore’s.

    I also really liked the brief commentary on Island from The Beast Must Die. I keep trying to read that comic but it has such a self-satisfied air without, as far as I can tell, actually earning it. If it was all Graham and Rios, that’d be one thing, but it’s just not. It reads more like the modern version of Dark Horse Presents or that terrible CYMK Vertigo project than the euro comics of old that it seems to be aspiring toward. There’s just so very little interrogation of concept, only good art (and not even good panel to panel oftentimes). I personally get much more out of going back to euro stuff like Leo’s work or Schuiten’s work or Moebius’s work than the self-congratulatory work that seems to suffuse Island.

    “Who’s so awesome? WE’RE so awesome!”

    “So why is this work so middling, then?”

    “It’s not, it’s great. Hater.”


    Eh. I don’t mean to shit on it too much, because what does it really matter either way, but it was just good to not hear someone totally cream themselves over that book for a change.

    Ya’ll do good work. I can’t wait to hear The Beast Must Die espouse about Cerebus.

    And Cooke will be greatly missed. His legacy is stylistic and tonal. It’ll last and echo a long, long time.

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