May 9th, 2016



Did you know that it’s Free Comic Book Life this life? Well it is: all comics are free in this life – and who’s to say about the next? – thanks to the generosity of Mr Stan Lee, an adorably uncley sort who invented the medium we call comic books and all the superheroes so beloved of your local multiplex.

But in a life of free comics, comics unchained and in flight, comics whose parole board hearing finally came through, comics who finally managed to dig that hole and jump over the fence, comics comics fripping everywhere, in a life full of free comics how are you going to pick the right ones to read?

Don’t worry your pretty little head or your ugly old mug about it, because Gary and the Beast, except not the Beast, are here again to tell you what the good comics are in another roar-ripping episode of SILENCE!

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<ITEM> Then in probably the best thing to have happened to this podcast in a call code for an LA homicide of shows, Mr Carter’s Math(s) Class use their angelic tones to in unison open The Reviewniverse – an imaginary place – aren’t they all hmm, hmm?  – where comics are talked of. Gary and NotBeast bash their heads on Tom Gauld’s Mooncop, Alan Moore’s Cinema Purgatorio, Becky Cloonan’s The Punisher, Kaare Kyle Andrews’ Renato Jones The One%, Black Mask’s 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, the telly license payer’s Dr Who and perhaps not much more.

<ITEM> Oh and Captain America: Civil War – we talked about that in there too but I can’t remember if it was before the comics or not.

<ITEM> Sorry! Thanks love you!

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15 Responses to “SILENCE! #187”

  1. John Bishop Says:

    Excellent, sirs.

    Comic Vine says- “Alchemoid was a humanoid being made up of alchemical energies and his body was covered by oily ooze that could burn through various materials.” He sounds awesome! Why haven’t one of these smug young writers brought him back yet?

    Reviewniverse intro was pretty magnificent. Thanks, America!

    When I visited a friend, she suggested watching a Scott Adkins flick, and we settled on Undisputed III. I was unfamiliar with him and his role as Boyka, but it was pure action gold. Ridiculously brutally preposterous. Go and watch it now, people!

    Bobsy, Bernard Herrmann is who you’re thinking of. But you might have already googled that, or at least bullied Mr Lactus into doing it.

    I’ve dropped my monthly Marvel habit now, but that Cloonan Punisher sounds intriguing. Also proud to report just last week got a work colleague hooked on Preacher. I just read that Ennis was 25 when he started writing that! I’m pretty sure at that age I barely knew how to tie my own laces.

    That Renato Jones is something I would have probably ignored, but will have a look.

    Abslom Daak really needs to be on the telly! Although they’d do that usual trick of changing him for the screen and he’d be played by a Statham-a-like.

  2. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Trying to be more concise as I am getting rambly in comments.

    -That Reviewniverse song was proper heartwarming!

    -Got Stray Bullets Uber Alles a while ago, taking me forever to read it as it stresses me out so much. Great comic, though.

    - World War Z book is an oral history where every character has the same voice, and their accent is “exposition”

    - Purgatorio was awright. Gillen one was best. Art made me think of Gary Erskine on Warheads. I almost accidentally bought the $9 one though, due to variant covers. Fuck off, Avatar.

    -I think Saul Bass storyboarded the shower scene in Psycho, as well as loads of title sequences, but dinnae ken if he did soundtrack stuff too?

    - A good podcast! Always a treat! Thanks!

  3. Daniel S. Says:

    When Bobsy says: “Pay it forward,” he sounds proper Canadian. Just a note.

  4. Daniel S. Says:

    And of course, tiny tears for the cute as beans singing.

  5. Harry F Says:

    I feel like there was a less than subtle attempt to indoctrinate all SILENCE! listeners into a Scientology-esque cult, that exists purely to fund the high protein, high octane lifestyle of Scott Adkins.

  6. Jack Says:

    Coming not only from the States, but also from the American South, the name of the general Bobsy mentioned wasn’t one I knew. Although clearly he required the star power of Jeff Bridges.

  7. Nate A. Says:

    I think the author, or maybe Bobsy, conflated the Gettysburg address with the Battle of Gettysburg? The battle was nasty, but the Union won. Lincoln delivered the address months later, as a commemoration.

  8. The Beast Must Die Says:

    Bernard Herrman was the composer of the Psycho theme

  9. Jeff C Says:

    My Math(s) class all had huge grins on their faces when we listened to that excerpt in class today. When Bobsy said that I had to be “a bit strange in the best possible way”, they all cheered. Thank you, gentlemen, for making Math(s) slightly less tedious for my students a couple times in the past few weeks. Cheers to you all!

  10. bobsy Says:

    Thank you Mr C for being the best Math(s) teacher ever! The recording of your class basically made the entire Mindless massive happier than we have ever been before.

  11. Nate A. Says:

    I don’t know why, but I always associate Saul Bass with Henry Mancini. They both worked on Charade, which has one of the best title sequences in history.

  12. tam Says:

    Preacher is the first new TV show I’ve been looking forward to for years. I’m lukewarm about the source material but I think Joe Gilgun (Woody from This is England) as Cassidy is the best bit of casting since Kelsey Grammar played the Beast and can’t imagine him being less than brilliant.
    On a similar note, it’s odd to think that Jack Nicholson was once considered to be equally perfect casting for the Joker. It’s a bit of a shame that the clownier aspects of the character have become so completely overshadowed by the homicidal stuff that Nicholson’s Joker now seems an anachronism….

  13. Carl Says:

    For all his good works, Jeff C should forthwith be made captain of C Unit, yes?

  14. Gary Lactus Says:

    Yes. It’s official.

  15. Jeff C Says:

    Ready to accept my responsibilities!

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