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Why it’s only The Beast Must Die and Mindless-affiliate Lord Nuneaton Savage discussing the recent film that some of you may have heard of. This was straight from the advance screening, and the boys retreated to the pub to try and recombobulate… It’s 40 mins of unbridled chat about Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. There are a few minor spoilers for those who care. Welcome…to SILENCE! EXTRA

As Lord Nuneaton himself put it

“We sound like victims of head trauma”

And who could ask for more than that?

Also, when you’re done listening, if you haven’t already get yer self over to The Quietus to read Savage’s official review of the film (in his human identity of Mat Colegate)

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  1. Tim B. Says:

    As Ryan Dunleavy (I think) put it, it’s a great Punisher V Miracleman movie.

    The only thing I can say is that it was 2 & a half hours of moving images and noises that you could discern some causal link between.

    As I said to various people at work who have children, don’t take them to see it because it’s so long and relentlessly joyless. I think I laughed once, at the ‘I thought she was with you’ line about Wonder Woman. Didn’t laugh unintentionally because my jaw was just slackly open at the unmitigated disaster that was unfolding before my eyes, although I was close at the Georgia piss callback in the senate hearing.

    But yeah, a deeply, deeply flawed movie, from such a simple premise: Lex dupes Batman & Superman into fighting each other, they realise what’s going on and defeat Lex. The only thing of note is that as a 44 year old man I was able to sit through it all without a toilet break, despite drinking a large cola which I suppose is something.

    The 3 hour ‘R-Rated’ home media version looks like a real treat.

  2. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    I have now seen this film and have a 45 minute wander into town, so shall finally be able to listen to this podcast.


  3. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    I think I agree with pretty much all of this podcast, really! Maniac Batman versus Constipated Superman was a nonsense piece of SOMETHING but I was very rarely bored (in fact, other than the CGI car chases, I was pretty engaged throughout).

    It’s a whole film of the bit in Man o’ Steel where he breaks Zod’s neck. Things do not happen organically, they happen ‘cos the writers WANT them to. “Superman had no choice but to break Zod’s neck!!!” they say, with countless actual other things he could have done. Every bit of the film is that. Nothing in it could happen if the ‘characters’ weren’t idiot, capricious children unbound by consistent morality or motivation.

    Why didn’t Superman just tell Batman he was being forced to fight him, straight away, instead of walking towards him slowly being violent and angry, for example?


    Mortal KomBatman driving off in a huff when Superman tells him to stop being a bat, then his training montage where he hits tyre with a hammer, then lifts a tyre, then does pull-ups on chains, with a tyre around his neck.

    This may have been Snyder trying to put in a visual metaphor about how Batman doesn’t tire, or something?

    All I know is, I saw a very similar scene in Best of the Best 2. Eric Roberts was in that and one of the previous BatFilms. It’s all connected, in the 5D timesquid.

    I think Wonder Woman’s fight was fun, and if I had any investment in the film at all would have been pissed off that her Big Moment was utterly spoiled by the trailers.

    I also liked some of the video game cutscenes with big laser eyes blasting aboot.

    I wish I hadn’t read about Batman and his batbrand before I saw the film, as that would have made me laaaauuuuugh so hard.

    Aquaman’s introduction was oddly hilarious (“hey his hair can be like a squid!”, and the giant sunken boat in the briny depths tickled my need to see a great underwater horror film.

    Those dreams, oh fuck. And the jar of piss that we got the meaning of straight away but then Snyder went back in for another shot of Holly Hunter turning it around to see the writing on it, just to make sure. Heavy hands on this film, where the gravity of the piece makes everything denser.

    Looks like the JLA film’s gonna be a FincherGoth take on the Fourth World, then?

    Main surprise of the film is Luthor losing his hair due to prison shaving, not due to Kryptonite.

    I have some insight regarding ‘normal’ people and kid viewers:

    A pal who likes manga thinks the film looks like that time she bought an issue of a supercomic and had no idea what was going on and felt alienated and horrified by the slickness and adverts. I told her “yes, that is pretty much it”.

    After the film, some youngsters were talking about how much they enjoyed it. Key phrase: “It didn’t feel like 3 hours, it felt like 4 minutes!”

    So, dunno, guess kids dig this shit? Some of them.

    I loved the music. So pompous and overblown, no light touches or subtlety. Perfect for the film.

    If this is the direction DC want their films to go in, I am all for it. Much more interesting in its flaws than the okay and competent Marvel ones. Much more interesting than the Nolan Bat films, too, unmoored as it was by spurious ‘realism’.

    Kinda never want to see it again, though.

    Straight up JT KrulCore.

  4. Paul Jon Thrillin' Says:

    Fuck, sorry about that long comment.Got carried away.

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