March 21st, 2016


Ninjas, ninjas, who wants ninjas? I got ninjas mate, ninjas coming out the wazzoo. Ninjas here, ninjas there, farkin’ ninjas everywhere mate. Sick o’ bleedin’ ninjas I am, tryin’ to offload the LOT of ‘em…tell ya what mate, you take this lot off my ‘ands and I’ll chuck in this lovely watch. Solid adamantium that is mate, worth a flippin’ bomb. Tough as you like that is…


<ITEM> Welcome Dear Listeners, to the internet’s most cherished comics podcast, SILENCE! with that couple of nation’s sweethearts The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus.

<ITEM> It’s some record level admin, with sponsorship, Arrested Development as Watchmen, Daredevil Season 2, The Phantasmacats and the Galacticats, The SILENCE! News covering Civil War 2, Donald Trump and the Mark Millar-isation of modern culture, The Edinburgh Festival, Misery, SILENCE!…Because the Film Has Started with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and unbelievably a whole lot more…while somehow there being so much less…

<ITEM> Finally the Reviewniverse coughs, splutters and belches into life, with Spiderwoman, Huck, The Vision and Turn Coat.

<ITEM> One Vision…that’s all I can say really.

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This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton. It’s also sponsored the greatest comics shop on the planet GOSH! Comics of London.

14 Responses to “SILENCE! #181”

  1. Daniel S Says:

    A pleasure sitting down for another episode of Silence’s “What the Huck!?” I unfortunately consumed this week’s episode at work, so I was unable to partake in the whiskey portion of the fun.

  2. Tim B Says:

    No celebration of that other famous #181 featuring the debut of everybody’s favourite hirsute knife be-fisted short angry Canda-Ian Hugh Jackman impersonator?

    Not a fan of the Netflix binge watching thing – most I can watch of anything is about 2 hours before I get bored, watched the 3rd episode of Daredy 2.0 last night & my top tip is to keep iTunes open and accidentally play Red Snapper’s eponymous 2003 album from around about when the Punisher blows up the bikes, it really improves the fight scene (I was seriously thinking of buying the soundtrack until after I’d closed my browser and the music was still playing).

    the 2014 TMNT is an utter vacuity, the only memorable thing is the slightly nauseous old man lechery of Will Arnett’s character towards Megan Fox’s

    Look forward to TBMD’s thoughts on Batman V Superman. Will be watching it on Saturday afternoon personally, don’t think any recording is something that only C-unit can enjoy/endure.

  3. Bob Doublebob Says:

    Trump is pretty when much Lex Luthor ran for president if he had made no attempt to conceal his supervillainous leanings. And was an idiot.

  4. Bernie M Says:

    Loving the podcast gents. Just wondered how the hell shows like the Kardashians get made so easily when Arrested Development struggled to keep going? Anyway, the monthly Huck-blast was great and I’ve just picked up Turn Coat and looking forward to giving it a go. Now I’m off to ogle Megan Fox, phwoar.

  5. Maid of Nails Says:

    If Huck must exist, I’m glad The Beast Must Die (or, to be more formal, Mr Die) is the one to tackle it – even though I do feel a bit bad on his behalf whenever he says “Of course, it’s Huck” with that tone of resignation.


  6. D Cairns Says:

    I live in Edinburgh. The spare room is currently full of junk, but we need to clean the place anyway so having an added incentive might be good. We couldn’t charge much, given the state of the place. So I’m pretty sure we could offer a bed for a week…

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    Wow! That would be amazing!

  8. Says:

    Whjch meabs there may be now a de facto Service Degree Agreement between the IT Department
    and the business continuity plan swmple report;,.

  9. Gary Lactus Says:

    Good point Thanks for listening and KEEP IT SILENCE!

  10. Cass Says:

    Hey Beastie, great interview with TCJ. My favorite part was how you managed to work in a bit of Gaiman bashing. I would’ve commented there, but I think I’m banned because I once said I thought the work of Michael DeForge and Jesse Jacobs looked pretty similar.

    Loved the pod, by the way. You guys have made admin into an artform. If I didn’t love the Reviewniverse theme so much, I’d almost be disappointed that the admin had to end.

  11. tam Says:

    Another important comics 181 reference is Daredevil #181, which was Frank Miller’s death of Elektra; that was also the first comic I’d ever seen by Miller and it blew my twelve year old mind! I found it second hand together with those Kirby issues of the Fantastic Four which featured the debut of the silver surfer, all for the princely sum of 60 pence!

    I’d love to see a ‘cleaner goes on holiday’ special. I know there have only been a paltry two issues but I think you’re on safe ground. After all, Raymond Briggs did the (excellent) ‘Father Christmas goes on holiday’ after a mere single issue of Father Christmas. Also, while on the subject, I think Briggs has to be the most underappreciated creator (at least by nerds) in the entire medium.

    2000 AD does indeed reach 40 next year, but there’s an even more thrill powered milestone this year. We’re currently up to Prog 1973, which means we’re almost up to prog 2000 although Tharg has yet to even mention this yet…

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