February 2nd, 2016




Gird your loins people. It’s coming. It’s here. And it’s walking on its hands and wearing your parents’ faces like a mask! It has to be, it can only be, the internet’s favourite audio prophylactic SILENCE! Comics podcasetery of the finest and most delectable kind from The Beast Must Die & Gary Lactus. Take it, pu it in your lug ‘oles and then have a nice long lie down. Not too long though. People might think you’re dead and put you in a bin bag.

<ITEM> Administrification, with news of our new Patreon special episodes The Prestige Format, Sponsorschip, Fan-art and a whole bunfight more.

<ITEM> It’s the Reviewniverse, with its special new sub-section The Liefield of the Land featuring…Shatty-Buns? There’s talk of Gilbert Hernandez’ Blubber, Last Band In Town, All New All New Different All Dancing Avengers, Prophet: Earth War, Island, Twilight Children, Darwyn Cooke’s Parker: Slayground, Spiderwoman, Captain Marvel, Chips & Vanilla, Megaton Man and a bit, nay a bob, more…

The End. You go now. GO! GET OUT! STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!

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7 Responses to “SILENCE! #174”

  1. Tim B. Says:

    Re ninjas – best false advertising claims since the ‘vodka’s odourless’ claims from Smirnoff. I suppose they’re the Sea-Monkeys or X-ray Specs of the narrative part of comics in a way.

    Re Liefield of the Land, keep on thinking that there should be some connection to the other pole of the comics drawing firmanent and Fan-Favourite G-Land.

    Re Island, didn’t feel it with Onta’s story either. Not a fan of the art style, felt it suffered from basic storytelling issues. Over all didn’t feel any connection with the characters, got the sense of beginning a story halfway through but didn’t really engage with anyone and specifically the scene in the cafe introduced a new character that I wasn’t really sure needed to be there and some of the panels were unclear who was saying what, but as Gary points out, that’s the thing about anthologies.

    Re Marvel & DC differences, interesting news about DC doing a relaunch of some kind over the summer. Sadly looks like Black Canary’s due for the chop & I’m guessing they’re just not going to bother with the second limited series of The Prez.

    So the prestige format Silences are the Baxter editions of New Teen Titans and when they get released generally they’ll be the Tales of the New Teen Titans?

  2. John Bishop Says:

    Thank you for more talking, it was good. That fan art is bloody ace as well!

    Liefeld is one of the most enthusiastic people in comics. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I met him, and we had a conversation. He’d be really friendly, and I’d say I didn’t really follow his work, then he’d ask if I wanted a sketch, and I’d probably say yes, then even though it might be awful, I’d actually sort of like it. I’d probably brag about meeting him, and post a picture on Facebook of us, holding the sketch he did, of Cable with tiny feet and a constipated expression. Sigh.

    Glad to hear you’re gradually working your way through the Krypton mines. It really is getting pretty tight in that shop, if you get more than three or four customers in there at a time you’re screwed. Spend some money and clear some space TBMD!

    I’ve spotted that Chips and Vanilla comic in the 50p boxes at the mart, that cover was usually enough to deter me. But after having a quick look at Doug Potter’s work online, I actually like the look of his comics. Never heard of the guy, but he seems like he knows what he’s doing, at least visually anyway.

    Will try and get to SMASH this weekend, it’s usually a lark.

  3. Thrills Says:

    Has anyone read the Liefeld/Millar Youngblood from the turn of the century? Absolute stinker.

    Liefeld’s art lost all his charm as soon as computery colouring came into play, which, coupled with Millar’s “LOL cynicism” writing, led to scenes such as this:


    OH WELL.

    I do love early 90 Liefeld comics, though. They have SOMETHING. A kinda pleasing flatness, where you can see the hand of the artist. Or the tiny feet of the artist etc hur hur

    Totally get the Prophet opinion about it almost having a god’s-eye view, and there being little emotional connection to the characters. I’m willing to accept this is intentional, given the sort of eurocomic scifi thing it has going on. Been reading a lot of Jodorowsky comics recently, and they have a similar “here is near-mythical tales of space chumps, with interesting events happening in a row” which I find either great or utterly unengaging depending on my mood.


    PS been listening to the You Talking U2 to Me? podcast as suggested a couple of Silence!s ago, and I’m really enjoying it even though it mentions U2 sometimes, who I hate. Cheers for the recommendation!

  4. Gary Lactus Says:

    Thrills, those images are a bit too grown up for me.

  5. Thrills Says:

    Sorry! Biff! Sclam! Sloxx! Comics aren’t just for kids anymore!

  6. tam Says:

    I liked your almost seamless link (digressing only to discuss spider woman and appendages) from talking about Liefield over to discussing the Liefield influenced Prophet : Earth War. Such professionalism the the reason I Make Mine Silence!

    Also, how about another Reviewniverse appearance from Ivor? Daisy has been rather shamelessly hogging the limelight recently…

  7. Gary Lactus Says:

    It was actually Ivor who was causing havoc this week. I’ll try and get them both to contribute more in future. Ideally i’d like them to stand in for us in emergencies.

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